Winter is just at the corner coming with huge relaxation and chills for those feeling fatigue from hottest summer.  It’s also depressing period for adults and those who can’t bear cold and foggy season. Temperature drops down in winter so you have to get enough heat to maintain body temperature.

It’s so simple to get warmth when you are inside the home but not impossible when you have to go outside the home.  You have to go out to perform routine activities. What’s the solution to worm up body is commonly asking question. Eating warmth food and take hot drink is best option to heat up your body. Here we bring boozy drinks keeps you warm and energetic in this winter.

White chocolate hot coca:


This hot winter drink is fantastically made with a twist by mixing White chocolate and hot coca. It’s energetic drink for winter. Serve it to guest to entertain them in best way.  White vanilla baking chips, milk, whipped cream, coffee flavor, and marshmallows are used to make this tasty coffee. Cook baking chips, milk, cream and vanilla a low heat for 2 hours then add coffee liquor, marshmallows and whipped cream before serving. Quickly serve it when it prepared otherwise it become cold.

Ginger tea:


Ginger and lemon tea packed with amazing healing properties. It nature gift for human helps them to maintain their health.  It contains Vitamin C, minerals, Magnesium which is too good for health.  Make a tea by adding ginger root in water. Add lemon, honey or peppermint to increase flavor. It hottest drink keeps to warm and active in foggy season.

Cinnamon tea:


This bossy drink is named as boil sea buckthorn especially made in winter season. Honey, cloves, cinnamon, ginger root, orange and sea buckthorn are the main ingredient added in water to make winter drink. Add honey in boiling water and then as ginger root slices, orange, clove and honey as added in water. Leave t on the stove for ten minutes to boil and then leave it for other 30 minutes to let it cool.  Enjoy a hot drink with friend and family this winter to make them special.

Hot chocolate drink with cinnamon:


Cinnamon hot chocolate is delicious winter drink. Its perfect flavor classically amp up hot chocolate with slight cinnamon pinch. It’s sinful hot drink for chocolate lovers. Warm up your body and soul with this delightful drink as it made with magical combination which really gives flawless taste.

Black coffee:


Black coffee is common beverage in winter prepared on daily biases. It’s good for your liver and kidneys. It packed with Vitamin B, Magnesium and Niacin which is good for health. Black coffee also used as cancer, heart and diabetes solutions.

Irish coffee:


Black coffee and whisky is main ingredient of Irish coffee. Irish coffee is well known flavor throughout the world.  Whipped cream topping and coco power sprinkle increase its flavor. First make black coffee in pour in the cup or glass in which you want to serve. Clear glass is most suitable for Irish coffee.  Now add sugar and stir until it dissolves nicely. Add whisky and mix it in black coffer. Whipped cream topping is just ad for decorative purpose.

Sinful Spicy coffee:


Spicy coffee is delicious flavor best as winter drink.  Espresso, dark chocolate, honey, ginger powder, cardamom, and coco powder used to make a tasty cup of coffee keeps you fresh and cheerful all the day. Boil chocolate honey and spices two time and then ad espresso and stir it nicely. Whipped milk until it become like foam and then pour it in cup when you add mixture. Finally sprinkle cocoa powder to garnish the coffee cup.

black-coffee cup-of-milk-tea

ginger-and-lemon-tea green-tea-for-winter greentea hot-chocolate-drink peanut-butter-hot-chocolate turkish-tea turkish-tea-glass-2 white-hot-chocolate-drink-2