Best ways to improve Your Life Style by Implementing Glass Flooring

Implementing glass flooring is flawless way to bring a feel of royalty, transparency and glitz in home interior. Glass flooring is gorgeous architectural design that never let down you investment.  Glass flooring is interesting and whimsical way of enhancing elegance and drama at same time. It bring special feeling in home surrounding never describe in word. Glass flooring create wow factor.

When you are going to implement glass you have to select the most visible area where you can get desired result.   Plans where you have to constructs glass floor, entrance way, bedroom, living room, Bathroom and dining room all are  best space in home right for glass flooring.  I glass floor add glitz and glistering glow with special light effects or under water features. Here we bring wonderful ideas about glass floor really steals hearts and captures you in its spell.

Ultra-modern home with glass floor:

Look at this dream house design with transparent glass roof and floor. Round glass floor under the dining table set in center of the room. Beige flooring and modern furniture bring novelistic charm. There is a basement right under the dinning rom.   Glass roof become the floor of second portion.

Transparent glass flooring:

Choose stylish and unique material for home flooring brings outstanding feeling. Transparent floor is chic and eye-popping option for transparency and glossy accent. Here the glass floor is amazingly blend with stone wall and greeny garden.   Aluminum structure id spread under the glass floor to provide support.   Dining table is set under the floor which looks awesome with natural tones.

Black glass ground floor:

If you plan to implement glass in ground flooring then select textured or opac glass for flooring. Here in this home black glass is chosen for flooring. Glass pieces are set on wood floor.  Floor-to-ceiling glass wall and door permit visual view of the backyard while low seat Japanese’s sofa is set around the glass floor.

Corridor ground floor:

Corridor or entrance way is the best place of the home for glass flooring. It releases good impression when someone enters in the home. Transparent glass flooring on second floor automatically become the roof of fist floor. So here loft is adorned with glass flooring which is right above the corridor. Here you can look who enter inside the home.

Driveway glass floor:

Look this enthralling and genius architectural design of the home.  There is glass flooring in front of the main gate which has a basement home under it. It’s elegant option to take light and fresh air in basement area.  I love this exciting modern home glass floor.  I want to slute the architect who designs it.

Glass floor over the pool:

Colorful and artistically decorative living room is build above the pool having a glass center wood floor and damp roof, transparent glass floor with lighting is best ideas to bring outside-in effects. Square shaped glass floor is tightly fixed in the floor. You can freely move on it.  Three stool tables are set on glass floor to incorporate single center table while black rattan sofa set is arrange around it.

Entranceway glass flooring:

Glass flooring is ultra-modern home architectural design best for retro life style. This house interior design shows-off the status of the resistance.  When you entered in home you find large rectangular glass floor in front of eyes and floating stairs lead to second floor.  Move one step on glass floor and look down here you may surprise because there a word ring under your step.  Entranceway is glow up in chandelier light hang to lit-up ground floor.

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