Emanuel Nugaro French fashion designer women shoes collection today here we familiarized with you. Leather crafted shoes are embellished with lace, leather cut flower, and printed leather. Each pair of shoes has unique style and look that much inspire other. Polka dot, ankle length, wood trim shoes are founded in this collection. Right color selection make over in these shoes that you can easily match with your dressing. See below and enjoy with designer shoes.

Ankle Length Leather Print Boot:

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Thin heel pointed toe boots best suited for winter days. Leather print ankle length shoes enjoy lady with tea length dressing. Black and gray color contras give warmth feelings. Leather shoes keep your feet clean and protect from dust and water splashes when you walk on the road. For causal wearing ankle length leather print boots make perfect selection.

Floral Lace Embellished Shoes:

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Black color pumps embossed with floral lace trim. Tissue fabric toe flower give elegant look beauty to pointed toe shoes. Functional look develop under thin heel black color shoes. You can attend parties or function under lace shoes. Suede leather utilize in black lace pumps.

Open Toe Ankle Zip Shoes:

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Emanuel nugaro bee net high heel shoes give cool fresh beauty in aqua color. Ankle zip makes easy wearing the bee net shoes. On top of shoes lace in bow style is band. Flat heel shoes show the great confident of women. Thin heel made of wood material. You can wear aqua color shoes for casual look beauty.

Open Toe Ankle Strip Wedge Heel Shoes:

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White color ankle strip shoes give soft and calm expression. An open toe shoe has double sole with back thin heel. Strappy heel shoes make easy walk for women that have less experience in heel shoes. Interesting look develop under white color ankle strip shoes. Working women also pick up the white color heel shoes for every day feminine look.

Polka Dots Pumps:

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Pointed toe high heel pumps wearing the lady in above image. Black and white color contras give fair beauty o shoes. Double option exist under polka dot shoes either you are wear with black or white dress. Leather crafted shoes are durable that will keep you comfort.

Ankle Length Wool Shoes:

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Gorgeous look develop in army green and camel color boots. Flat leather shoes are furnished with camel wool that gives fluffy touch to long legs. In winter season wool shoes give you warmth and give cozy look.  Lady matches the wool boots with her dressing and get huge attention of others.

Stripped Printed Heel Shoes:

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Strip printed shoes look so nice and present powerful beauty. Black and white color shoes you can wear with your matching dress. Trendy lady like to wear the above one image style shoes. Fair skin beauty will glow under dual color strip printed pumps. Business lady prefer to pumps shoes for long busy day.

Leather Flower Embellished Shoes:

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Open toe white color sandals are elaborate with leather cut flower. Center of flower has pink button that give complete look. Thin ankle strip support the whole beauty of shoes. Low heel shoes can enjoy bridal on her wedding day with white color dress. You can make easy walk under low heel shoes and enjoy your wedding day.

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