For Pretty women ankle strap and open toe sandals are great surprise. Cool and comfy features platform, block and high heel shoes are perfect style for every day wear. Stunning beauty of feet become in these cute shoes that can wear with every color and style of outfit. Trendy women summer wear sandals are decorates with tiny buckle, silver stud, leopard print and other dual color suede leather. Get any one ankle strap open toe sandals and make your day happy.

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Chic Open Toe Ankle Strap Platform Sandals:

2 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (7)

Get cheap and chic look open toe ankle strap platform sandals. Rome style suede leather crafted fresh green color summer shoes much inspire the others. Fabulous design women sandals wear casually with green or other contras dress. Fair beauty of feet is glowing in this buckle style footwear. Trendy or college girls like ankle strap sandals that feel cool in hot days.

Flat Sole Red & Black Open Toe Sandals:

3 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (3)

Waooooo how much crazy style shoes! Cut out flat sole women sandals are come in two bright color scheme. Red and black colors are easy to style with shorts. Silver buckle is attached in ankle strap and double buckle are listed on open toe part. You remain safe in this creative style sole of open toe sandals when water socked soil under your feet.

Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap White Shoes:

4 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (2)

For wear casually try this one open toe ankle strap white sandals. Stiletto heel shoes give bright image when you wear in any color dressing. Make your feet beauty beautiful with white heel shoes and red nails. I hope you love with your feet when see in red and white color combination. Tiny golden buckle illustrate in thin ankle strap of heel sandals.

Open Toe Single Ankle Strap Brown Sandals:

5 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (11)

Fashion ladies like elegant brown heel sandals with denim pent dress. Women heel sandals features are an open toe with single strap, ankle strap with side golden buckle closure and cup heel. Rubber bottom sole is design in non-kids marking shape. High heel shoes Ankle cover with quality leather material. Attractive charm glance appear in this women summer heel shoes.

Metal Stud Embellished Block Heel Sandals:

6 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (5)

An extra comfort stacked block heel sandals with padded foot bed want every women try once for every day wear. Suede open toe sandals featuring silver stud in series over ankle strap and open toe strap. An Adjustable silver buckle supports the ankle strap when you walk. Black top and brown heel women shoes look lovely when pick up with white pent.

Leopard Open Toe & Black Ankle Strap Sandals:

7 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (4)

A perfect luxury detail ankle strap and open toe heel sandals you can see in above image. Purple ankle covered with front black ankle strap high heel shoes are appeal skirt dress or skinny pent. Open toe leopard print strap much inspired the animal lover. Love with these amazing style shoes that give rich expression. I love and like these heel sandals so much and offered you to wear at least once time.

Soft Suede Strappy Open Toe Sandals:

8 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (18)

Luxe beauty inspired soft suede strappy open toe sandals can wear with dark blue jeans. You cannot imagine tiny buckle of block heel shoes also in same color in which suede leather founded. Soft and fluffy feels the suede leather in strappy sandals. Affordable and easily available are open toe ankle strap women shoes. Block heel shoes is perfect for those women who have not experience of high heel.

Royal Blue Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals:

9 glam open Toe and Ankle Strap shoes (16)

Rock you style in these rich beauty appeal open toe ankle strap heel shoes. Golden buckle closure block high heel shoes wear the fashion lady with skinny fold cuff jeans dress. Inspired to blue cool color women paint their feet nail also in blue. Casual style you can easily make with these open and cool features women sandals.
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