Today here we familiarized men casual leather shoes. Unique style soft and rich material crafted flat slipper or sandals can wear with every color dressing. Modern boys like to wear light weight glossy look shoes with jeans outfit. In our collection modern to vintage style shoes are add up. Black and brown color strappy, buckle style, braid strip, ankle strip flat shoes are favorable for every day walk. Look below for more images with detail!

Roman Style Casual Flip Flop Slipper:


Flat double sole leather slipper are craft with stretchable elastic. Flip flop scene create with cut of leather piece. Two different size elastic is choose in this casual leather slipper. Cool and relax feelings are emerged under reliable open style shoes. You can freely wear the shoes with short or trouser during summer days. Brown and black color leather and elastic contras makes in flip flop.

Strappy Leather Sandals:


Slim strappy sandals are design with ankle strip buckle embellished. Toe flat strip has one back cris cross and last one with thin ankle belt. Easy to wear rich leather sandals keep you safe from injury. Dark brown color men shoes are look nice in fair feet. Casual footwear men can attain with every style dressing. Golden buckle on strappy sandals give glossy expression.

Thong Casual Leather Shoes:


This one man shoes give modern look that he wear with black pant dress. Brown color thong style flat shoes look elegant with ho contras. Thick strap design with little thong with that easy walks can make. Fair beauty of feet make clear image in thong leather crafted shoes. Luxury leather has shimmering, and soft touch features. For every day wearing leather slipper are make right decision.

Ankle Strip Casual Wear Leather Shoes:


Black and brown color leather shoes wear the fashion boy with black cuff pant. An ankle strip sandal also has front thon style. Brown strip of leather bend in black that support the side black strip. Easy to wear and light weight sandals are not much costly. You can get sandals for hot day wearing.

T-Strap Casual Leather Sandals:


T-bar style black sandals enjoy youngest boy with denim jeans and sequin embellished black half sleeve t-shirt. Sole of leather shoes craft in brown color with top black t-strap. Small size silver buckle lift for lock the ankle strip of thong sandals. Greek style nice look leather sandals are desire of modern boys. Simple but elegant shoes keep relax.

Cris Cross Style Men Leather Shoes:


Cris cross style black leather shoes play hide and seek with your clear feet when you will wear. Silver brown buckle arrange in ankle strip of warmth black leather men footwear. Shimmering expression are show under rich leather that full fill self esteem. Black color leather shoes men can wear with every color pant or kurta dressing.

Braid Style Casual Leather Shoes:


Try the above image define leather shoes that give unique styling. Bright color braid style slipper wear the man with blue jeans. Big size black buckle support the thong and top braid strip. For beach party this one interesting design flat slipper is best suited. You can make easy walk on soft sand that mostly slip you but now you are safe in slipper shoes.
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