When you ready for going on special occasion you make extra effort that you look attractive. Your hands are visible part of your body that always remains in movement so you need well and impress treatment for them. Feather nail art is interesting fun that can do quickly. With one base and top feather color you can choose your favorite color. Under feather nail art tutorial you can best match the color of nail polish with your dressing.

Get images with detail from below!

Hot & Pure Feather Nail Art:


Match the base color coat with your dressing for feather nail art. Once base coat become dry get black nail polish and brush now show your art ability with draw picture of feather. You can get feather center line in glitter look with side black. At last you will enjoy black hot and pure white color treatment on big nail that can impress others.

Rainbow Feather Nail Art:


How to make a rainbow feather nail art, you can get idea from above picture. First all nail brush in white color now match finger and with black nail polish pin draw big size feather from down to upward or small finger to index finger direction.  It’s time to paint rainbow color in long feather that will emerge into cool bright look.

Black & White Feather Nail Art:


Get fine natural scene on your big nails that give attractive appearance. Clear and clean white nails are decorates with black color flying birds and their feather. Really artistic beauty develops in black and white nail that also tell others about your nature and taste. You can easily match the color of nail art with your casual dressing.

Peacock Feather Nail Art:


Peacock feather nail art get with white base on that cute nails give prominent appearance. Artistic look is show that can impress other when you draw peacock feather nail. Trendy girls like bright colors that make them attractive personality with every look.  With deep care you get royal accent of love bird feather nail art.

Black Feather with Dream Catcher Nail Art:


On powder blue base of long nail black color make perfect contras. Middle and ring finger are paint with bird feather while thumb, small and index finger are decorates with dream catcher and feather print. Bohemian style nails art you can enjoy with same color dressing. Cool feelings feel in attention of blue and black nail art.

Dazzling Feather Nail Art:


Dazzling feather nail art give you great idea to attend evening parties with friends. Spice up your long nail with glittery gray base coat and top pretty black feather. Silver beads embellishment close to each finger feather just for highlight the bird feather print. Glitter base with black feather give twinkle expression at night time.

Bright Purple Feather Nail Art:


Basically deep or bright purple color represents royal beauty but in feather nail art its meaning totally change. Sparkly purple nail polish gets for base coat when become dry pure white color get for feather nail art. It deepen on your mood either you want single or pair of feather o individual nail. Always pick up nail art brush for draw the feather because with brush real look appear.

Juicy Orange Feather Nail Art:


The above image define feather nail art especially design for summer season. Cool and energetic feelings create when you see juicy orange feather nail art. Simple idea to entertain herself I hope you like so much and want to follow. You can make white base and top with orange feather. Bird feather center line is draw with black Bruch and glitter.
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