1 stylish pasteal nails

Try pastel color nail art this summer to get inspiration look grabbing attention. Soft and delicate pastel hues richly used in nail art from simple to sophisticated designs.  Pastel nail art is adorable and playful idea to get stamen look for everyday, party and formal styling. It perfectly works in each situation either formal or informal.   Pastel nail art is in prettiest designs here we have fewest steals you heart.

Pastel hearts and strips nail art:

2 hearts and strips  in pastel hues

Pastel is unique and eye-catching color hues add soft and lovely touch. It’s cool and calming color for spring and summer day. It also cute nails art for valentine, Christmas and other cheerful events.   Each finger inspirationally adorn with individual design to look gorgeous.   Pastel strip decorative ring finger and heart painted middle finder look so cute.

Stunning nails adornment in pastel hues:

3 nil art

Geometrical and plaid inspired pastel nails are looking marvelous. It’s magnificent and artistic ideas to add sophistication and to look indifferent from others. This one is unique and intricate pastel nail art design melting hearts of trendy girls.

Pastel colored block nail art:

4 colored blosk rainbow nail art in pastel

Pastel color is in soft and delicate hues glow hand charm. Rainbow pastel colored four shaded color-block nail art with rose gold striped partition is looking fabulous.  Mint green, turquoise, lilac and pink horizontal striped nail art is best for spring and summer styling.

Pastel nails for teen girls:

5 summer nails for  teen girls

In this photo Almond nail are beautifully adorn with light purple and mint green nail art. Pastel colors are brilliantly uses to get statement look.  Low glossy mint and purple nails paint is simply apply individually while ring finger dramatically  adorn in marble  technique. Its cute summer nail deign perfect for teen girls.

Incredible pastel polka dotted nail art:

6 polka dot and flower  nails in pastel

Getting unusual and delicate charm is not difficult if you full know how you get individual look then other especially when you have to define hand charm. Pastel polka dotted is frequently adopted nail art that every girl known about. So bring variation with this incredible light tome polka dotted nail design with cute flowers which apply to give visible look to ring finger.

Pastel color water marble nail art:

7 water marble  pastel nails

Water marble is sophisticate and magnificent nail art that need high perfection to get neat look.  Rainbow pastel color nail art in water marble design is impressive and dreamy style for summer styling.  Squoval (squared + oval) nail looking awesome with this trendy nail art.

Simple yet Cute pastel nails art:

8 simple pastel nail art for summer

It’s too simple and playful nail art easy to apply best for teen girls.  Just apply your favorite pastel hues on each nail and adorn its tips with contrast pastel nail color draw a thin line under each nail tip to give visible look.

Triangular nail art in pastel colors:

9 yu

Pinky and index finger are adorned with turquoise nail paint while other finger is adorned with triangular pattern that look awesome.  Just apply white base coat and then draw mini triangles with turquoise and pink colors. Its soft and lighter color nail art define hand charm.

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