Nose piercing rapidly adopted in western fashion from Asian countries as nose piercing is culture in these countries. Nostril nose piercing is the most common type of nose piercing reflects the feminine charm of a woman.  What is the best nose jewelry is interesting question.

Most girl love stud but hoop ring are really an impeccable choice glow you beauty and also highlight face features. Hoop noose ring are design in timeless styles. Sterling silver, gold, diamonds, metal and platinum hop noose rings are more common. But I prefer gold hoop ring as it does not affects your nose skin and also reduced the risk of nose piercing infection.

Hoop nose ring are comfortable and easy in wearing.  In Asian countries especially India, Pakistan and Rajasthan women wear larger hoop nose ring. But here we bring tiny nose hoop as it perfectly blended with you modern life style.

Opal nose ring:


Hoop ring are best for nostril and septum wearing. If we goes back to look in history it makes clears that there are some meaning and purpose behind the nostril piercing. Indian culture does nostril piercing to make childbirth easy and painless while tribal women to get demonstrate warrior positions. Nostril piercing is also down for some religious references.  Look this beautiful opal stone embellished gold nose ring brings soft and delicate touch in her personality.

Double hoop nose ring:


This one reflect Indian culture as it spectacularly design with solid gold.  It precious gold hoop nose rings crafted in double style. First one is smaller than other and simple made of thin gold wire while other is linked with first one is design with ting gold balls. It really an aesthetic nose ring designs.

Gold wire twist hoop nose ring:


14kt rose gold design hoop nose ring is elegant choice for young girls. It’s perfect for everyday styling. You feel comfortable. Thing gold wire intricately twisted to make this lovely hoop rings white gold bead embellishment makes it stylish. Tiny gold ball flanked between twist wrapped wires. This gold hoop ring designs with twist open featuring that make it easier to wear. It gives natural look to modish girls.

Rose gold wire hoop nose ring:


It’s simple yet style hoop nose ring with fabulously design by coating rose gold over sterling hoop ring. I love this Indian Bali style nose rings as it look beautiful with all skin types.  Rose gold hoop ring is design in medium size perfect for normal or upper nostril piercing.

Star hoop nose ring:


Tiny star embellished rose gold hoop nose ring is delicate design for trendy girls.  It best jewelry ornament to add blinking accent.  It’s my favorite nose hoop ring grace femininity in fantastic way. Pick this opulent hoop ring for evening, prom and wedding party styling.

Flower hoop nose ring:


Flower is spring staples. It allows you to bring natural tone. Rose gold crafted flower hoop ring is interesting choice for young girls. It’s stunning jewelry for spring and summer styling. Ting five petal flower is gorgeously used to adorn simple wire hoop ring.
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