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Mehndi is traditional ceremony that is much popular in India and Pakistan. Everyone shows much more excitement for mehndi celebration because there are lots of fun, joy and laughter spread all around. Yellow, red and green palette creates lovely environment as well sweet Jasmine, marigold and rose flower decorations. There are festive element beautify surrounding.

The actual color fill when bride come at stage. Gorgeous dresses, henna accent hands and stylish jewelry captivate her statement charm. She looks like nymph. Entire grace comes through jewelry. Choose best jewelry for incredible appeals. Here we unveil most favorite ideas of mehndi bride jewelry that’ll make you fall in love.

Fresh flower jewelry:

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Pluck fresh blossoms to make eye-catching jewelry for bride to make her mehndi look more attractive. Modern brides are much more conscious about their style either it Mayoon, Mehndi or Barat.  White and yellow fresh flower jewelry is hottest trend of the season. Red rose bud addition makes an impeccable jewelry.
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Simple and very elegant jasmine and marigold flower made jewelry   flawlessly carry with pink dupatta and orange shirt mehndi dress.
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Wrap into traditional Mehndi colors to feel awesome.  Fresh flower jewelry looks so nice with yellow mehndi dress that accentuated with multicolor embroidery work.
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Take inspiration from trendiest Pakistani mehndi bride who opt to different looks in heavy embellished   champagne dress and festive fresh flower jewelry wearing.

Fake flower jewelry for mehndi:

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Fresh flower jewelry is the most favorite trend of the season yet here are some other fashion inspirations that also gain popularity at the moment. Fresh flower jewelry are awesome  but soon it lost charm  that’s why fake flower jewelry made for mehndi bride that actually look like fresh flower jewelry.

Ribbon, beaded, dough, gotta and fomic sheet made jewelry set introduced in endless styles.  These sets are in simple to intricate style including g fancy mattha Patti, earring, necklace, and corsage. Even braid charm and waist belt also included in it.

Trendy jewelry set:

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Fresh flower jewelry has no replacement but common usage loose the charm. Modern brides love diversity. Change is better to polish different look to make you day celebration unforgettable. Heavily jewelry set matched with mehndi dress for drop-dead gorgeous looks.  Some bride love to wear designer jewelry and some find best for their moms treasure.
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Opt to jewelry that works well with your mehndi dress. Mismatch lost the charm.  Heavy dress gives effortless appeals with statement jewelry and elegant make-up applications. Modern bride are much more inspired from glamorous personalities and what to copy their style. Makeup and jewelry become essentials in mehndi outfits.
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Fashionable and luxe chocker necklace is breathtaking complement to elevate glowing look for Mehndi functions.   Comfortable jewelry is perfect to carry delightful look when dress down heavy dress.

Mattha Patti:

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Mattha Patti is trend-worthy jewelry inspiration that now on fashionista lips.  Ethnic, flower and bejewel mattha Patti attracts Pakistani bride. That’s hottest trend for those of you seeking for change. Statement Mattha Patti either perk up with fresh flower or artificial jewellery set should allure style.
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Carry statement mattapatta and skip other jewelry such as earring and necklace for enchanting  appeal.
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Mughal style heavy crystal and peals encrusted mattapatti  look incrediable if you  pick other jewelry in fresh flowers. it awesome way to add balance.
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pearls dangling gold mattah patti give glourious looks with atching jewelry set including Rani haar , chandilier earring and statement pearl  nose rings.
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