1 Unique-Real-Leaf-Necklace-Design-for-Bride-and-Bridesmaids-Jewelry-Small-Fallen-Silver-Birch-Leaf-by-Enchanted-Leaves

Leaf is refreshing and heartouching element of the nature represented hope, renewal, fertility and growth. Dried or dead leaf is a symbol of life yet there is a hope behind it that fall leaf gives place to birth another leaf. Leaf is fabulously used in designing jewelry.  Gold, sterling silver and platinum leaf jewelry is iconic piece which widely demanded by trendy girls.   Here we bring impressive and captivating leaf jewelry ideas for our fans. I love these ideas so let come one and let what there for us.


Sterling silver bracelet:

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I’ fall in love to these lovely leaf bracelets. Sterling silver   triple leaf bracelet is amazingly design with filigree and open work details.  It’s simple yet spectacular ornament   best for fall, beach and boho styling. You can select as a gift got you friend or love one. Its budget jewelry piece brings flexibility in your styling without losing your pockets.   Tripe chain linked with open work leaves which dangles over the hand back.

 Cool Leaf pendent necklace:


Trendy girls prefer lightweight and delicate jewelry for cool and flexible styling.  Leaf style jewelry is elegant option to bring natural tone in stylish way.  I bring a unique and interesting option for trendy girls. Sterling silver design double leaf chain pedant necklace perfect for everyday and street styling. Its gorgeous piece adorn with openwork leaf inspired with botanical fashion. There are two option for you either you want to wear gold or silver necklace. Leaf lariat pendent necklace is adorable addition in trendy girl’s wardrobe.

Gold leaf bib necklace:

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Here the gorgeous and adventurous bride brings unexpected and extraordinary charm in her look to get individual charm on her big.-day. She wears giant bib necklace with sweetheart wedding gown.  Gold leaf statement necklace is splendid jewelry piece for autumn and rustic wedding. Leaf bib necklace is precious and luxe piece reflect the status of the bride.

Stunning leaf and arrow bracelet:

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Leaf jewelry is elegant and enthralling choice for winter and fall styling through which you show you love with nature.  By this way you tell how much you miss the spring and also show your empathy with the leaf fall from the trees.  It’s the circle of nature. So don’t be worried.  Enjoy every moment of life. Here the pretty girls wear gold leaf bangle and chain arrow bracelet to grace her winter appearance.

Boho leaf ring:

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Sterling silver leaf is fabulous and dreamy ornament defines hand charm. It delightful compliment perfectly matched with beachy bohemian styling. The girls look so beautiful in blue jeans and white top while she grace hand with turquoise nail polish and silver rings.  Here she wears two different sales of leaf ring.  First one is design with tiny leafs while the other is shape in leaf feather. Both rings glow the left hand charm.

Leaf stud earring:


Earring is the visible jewelry ornament provides soft and intellectual charm.   Leaf earring are in endless style as I’m little confused what to choose and what to drop.   From stud to cartilage cuff earring   there is variety of earring rings. Here I select two stud earrings that best for general or everyday styling.  You can pick them for regular wearing amazingly matched with each outfit.  Rhinestones filled gold leaf stud earring has front and back leaf which look awesome.   Gold crafted leaf stud give simple yet elegant look to trendy girls.

Gold leaf wrist wrapper:

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It’s luxurious and high-end style of leaf jewelry feel like a leaf wrapped around the wrist.  It’s wonderful jewelry piece   glow wrist charm.  Single leaf bracelet has adjustable featured as you can adjust it adoring to you wrist size. It elongates nude arms and also provides glamorous style of modish lady. Rose gold crafted cuff style bracelets is eye-popping jewelry ornament for status conscious ladies.

Leaf and gemstone lariat necklace:

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It’s my favorite necklace assemble with rose gold leaves, chain and drop emerald stone.  Chain lariat necklace is drooping gemstone is elegant and playful jewelry bring natural flavor in your style.  It’s delicate piece for street styling.  You can easily adjust lariat necklace in your own style.  This necklace is especially design for trendy teen girls, bridesmaids and Professional ladies.  You can buy it as a gift for your friend.

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