How you can get indifferent and inviting charm on special occasion in saree?  It’s the common question comes in mind of those ladies who prefer saree for special celebrations. Saree is the hottest tradition Indian outfit drapes in different way depend on the culture but there is a common thing in all style that in off course a blouse. Blouse is staple piece in saree styling. Embroidered, floral, sequin and other blouse are contrast according to saree design. Most women match different accessories to get statement charm such as brooch, belt, and key chains. Here we bring wonderful collection of saree blouse make you gorgeous and   stylish.


Kundan and pearl saree brooch:


This one is cute and lovely brooch for saree blouses flawlessly matched with blouse design. It’s elegant accessory glow up feminine charm.  Kundan style oversized brooch is adorned with ivory beads and pearls.  Tear shaped stone is dangle with brooch for stylish touch.  Polka dotted sheer   blouse is right   attire for the brooch.

Jewel and chain saree brooch:


Brooch becomes exclusive fashion trend comeback with lot of variation and style. There different way of wearing brooch as you can pin it on the neck collar, shoulders, bustier and back. But brooch is wears in three styles if you are going to wear saree.  Look here jewel and beaded chain double stud brooch is used to define upper arm and shoulder charm. Larger brooch is pin in front while the smaller one is on the back with saree palu. It luxe and glamorous brooch design perfectly matched with black simple saree. It’s amazing accessory if no work is done on blouse and saree palu.

Emerald drop brooch and red blouse:


If you want to look stylish and good looking then choose brooch to set the saree blouse instead of safety pin.  Safety pin and zip is little risky accessories while wearing blouse with saree which also tight in fitting.  Brooch lowers the risk of unexpected situation. It also bring flexibility and elegant in women look. Saree brooch is in endless style suitable for casual and formal styling.  Look at this lovely crystal and emerald stone embellished brooch contrasted with red saree blouse.

Black and golden brooch:


Brooch is enthralling and eye-popping accessory completely change the look. It super edgy and statement ornament to grace simple or plain saree. It chic ornament add sparkly and glowing touch. You can get different advantage form a brooch while wearing saree. Here golden flower decorative black brooch is used to pined the neck instead or string and lobes. It’s gorgeous way to give sexual charm to nude back. Bandhan may cover entire back so the best way to pin neckline with brooch.  Here black net blouse on which golden work is done perfectly matched with brooch design.

 Gold stud and pearl strands brooch for saree:


There is lot of way to make you saree blouse fancier.  Brooch is splendid and chic option which totally changes the look and form new one. Here Indian actress Sonum Kapoor wears mint green plain saree with simple blouse. She bring versatility and glamorous with peal multi strand statement necklace and brooch. Gold and pearl strand brooch is amazingly pined on the saree pallu to get individual charm.

 Sparkly crystal blouse brooch:


Sleeveless and deep back mini blouse is contrast with yellow embroidered saree.  Silver stone work is done adorn the neckline while Swarovski crystal chain are used to adorn entire bodice of the blouse. The most appealing and eye-catching thing in this blouse styling the brooch which perfectly blended with embroidery work done on the blouse. Sparkly crystal brooch is adorned with single diamond cut crystal.  It looks awesome on golden saree blouse.

Set saree pallu with brooch:


Here I bring another Indian Bollywood actress look in which she wears golden plain saree with red floral emboriderd high neck blouse.  Indian jewelry and brooch are inviting accessories matched with   this lovely saree.  Green beads dangling metal brooch is used to set saree pallu on the shoulder which does not let the pallu to slip again and again.

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