Fresh flower corsage or bracelet considered essential jewelry for botanical inspired weddings. Don’t limit fresh flower charm in wedding staying. It’s adorable jewelry element for all type of styling either wedding or casual styling. Modern prom girls love to wear flower corsage to get effortless charm. Fresh flower recently cut from the branches always ready to add eminent grace which glow your personality. Through colorful and lively real flower cuff bracelets a girls look cute and beautiful; here we bring amazing ideas of fresh glower corsage for trendy girls.

White orchid wrist corsage:


This one is elegant and eye-pleasing wrist corsage purifies you styling. White orchid and fern are dramatically used to design with lovely fresh flower bracelet. It’s ideal eco-friendly and nature inspired jewelry for evening styling. White orchid add grace and soberness.

Rose’s diy bracelet:


Make a corsage or wrist bracelet is the most pleasant and enjoyable task. Pick your favorite flower from your garden. Cut and washed flowers near the stem. Take elastic threads, needle have enough way to pass elastic thread.  Now cut elastic thread in required amount which is approximately 8-10 inches for normal wrist.  Pass the needles through the flowers nicely. Repeat the process until you male enough strung   which covers your wrist. Pink rose are my favorite one. What you favorite?

Zinnias flower corsage:


Spring season come with lot of blossom in your garden. Are you ready to form a lovely corsage to glow you statement style. It looks gorgeous if you wear fresh flower corsage with floral printed dresses or shirt. Here Zinnia flower corsage is splendidly made in soft pink hue. White cherry printed shirt. Blue shirt and fresh flower corsage provide prettiest style to this young lady.

Succulent flower bracelet:


Succulent are fresh and mind-relaxing flowers adorably used to make diy corsage. This one is pleasant statemtn rustic natural inspired jewelry for spring and summer styling. It interesting and joyful jewelry ideas if you feeling bore with traditional jewelry.

Yellow flower and macramé corsage:


Fresh flower corsage becomes noticeable jewelry after flower crown in spring and summer styling.  Colorful and boho chic fresh flower bracelet in inviting piece groom your personality. Fresh flower such as rose, daisy other other small flower of you own choices are fantastically used to make flower corsage. Here yellow flower and macramé thread is used to make lovely bracelet for jeans styling.

Triangular diy fresh flower bracelet:


Solidago, Delphinium and dianthus fresh flower are nicely used to make diy flower corsage. Just a floral wire in required length and the turn them in required shapes such as round, square and triangular and cut excess wire with wire cutter them covered the wire ring with fresh cut flower and cover stem with floral tape.

Flower corsage for prom:


These two girls are more excited to attend prom night party as both look gorgeous in brighter color outfit. Girls wear astonishing fresh flower corsages perfectly matched with their prom dress.  It‘s cool and chic way to get effortless charm. Fresh flower add zingy accent and sweet fragrances which tend other to look again and again after first look.
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