1 stylish Leaf ring ideas (10)

Leaf ring is modern fashion jewelry piece that can ascent your modern look. Gold or silver metallic leaf wrapped style rings are flawless your hand styling with different light and bright shade nail paint. Leaf ring is also best for your casual routine style formal evening style.

You may also pick up for your wedding or engagement ceremony and get surprised your spouse.  Trendy girls are pick up this lovely jewelry piece and groom up their ring finger, middle finger or index finger styling with nail paint.

Gold leaf ring for ring finger style:

2 stylish Leaf ring ideas (4)

Chic gold wrap leaf ring is ascent your ring finger with their elegant ring style.  Gold tiny leaf design wrap ring make flawless their hand styling in evening party styling with your stylish outfit wearing idea. Their unique style leaf wrap ring is center of attention on your hand styling.

Silver round leaf ring design:

3 stylish Leaf ring ideas (8)


Leaf shape silver metallic casual ring can appeal their ring finger styling. Multi styling leaf binding round wide ring can get spectacular touch with index finger ring pair. Their lovely silver ring pair can get magnificent touch with their ring finger leaf ring style.  Their maroon nail paint can get prominent touch on their silver leaf ring look.

Opal wrapped leaf ring design:

4 stylish Leaf ring ideas (24)

Opal leaf with blue stone wrap ring can get charming hue touch on their fair hands. Silver metallic opal leaf with wrapped style round stone embellished leaf ring brings versatility on their evening look. Trendy young girls are also carrying out for their casual styling. You may also wrap around opal leaf ring o you ring finger with their stylish way and groom up their look.

5 stylish Leaf ring ideas (9)

Rhine stone leaf shaped gold ring:

6 stylish Leaf ring ideas (16)

White leaf style rhinestone embellished gold ring is looking fabulous for engagement or wedding function. Their lovely leaf ring is wonderful idea to give surprise of your spouse on engagement function. Leaf stones can get prominent touch on their gold ring style.

Gold leaf ring with red nail paint idea:

7 stylish Leaf ring ideas (17)

Wow! Red nail paint on long nails can grab the attention on their hand with their gold leaf wrapped wring.  Leaf corner style gold ring is wrapped around their middle finger and get stunning hue on your hand styling in any formal function.  Let try on any formal wearing with their brighten shade nail paint or dress styling.

Vintage inspired silver double leaf ring idea:

8 stylish Leaf ring ideas (18)

Vintage style silver large double leaf style wrapped ring that can ascent your index finger. Vintage inspired silver leaf ring can appeals their cool sea green nail paint styling.  It can get extra elegant charm on your modern hand style for their casual styling. You may also try for your gorgeous styling.

Pretty silver casual ring look:

9 stylish Leaf ring ideas (20)

Amazing! Silver leaf ring is one of the terrific idea to ascent their modern fashion accessories.  Their casual styling ring can appeals their routine styling. This silver simple but elegant ring can adorned their casual summer cool styling. Lavender nail paint   can give soft touch on their pretty silver ring.

Large leaf ring design:

10 stylish Leaf ring ideas (23)

Outstanding silver leaf large ring can wrap around their ring finger. Large metallic silver leaves style with center colored design edge chain binding ring finger covered ring can get spectacular touch on their look. Funky girls are like this ring style and carry out for any casual or formal wearing styles.
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