For prom party perfect style and look statement earring here we release. Gold, crystal long style earring gives clear image in your long length hair. In our collection you will found octopus, leaf lace, tear drop, tassel, gold plate, and flower style statement earring with perfect color scheme. Light weight earring doesn’t hurt your ear when you look happy on prom party. Look below!

Red Lace Leaf Statement Earring:


These earrings are noticeable in my mind once time when I search for prom party. Leaf lace statement earrings are absolutely unique and interesting style.  Light weight reasonable in price easy to wear earring suit on round face after that give pretty beauty. In white color dressing red earring become prominent features that allow matching other jewelry and makeup.

Green Silver Tassel Earring:


Emerald tassel earrings are found in fresh green and silver color. I statement earring color combination give great look with cute beauty. Dom style in down movement is filling with tiny beaded tassel. Stopper style tassel earrings are not as heavy that hurt your ear when you enjoy the party with your friends. Glittery Dom and crystal beads are makes shine as star shine on the sky.

Crystal Blue Octopus Statement Earring:


Blue and silver contras octopus style earring are perfect for prom party. Big size blue beads get center space on ear end with hanging legs. Tiny silver and blue beads slip in earring. Prom party earring has short long length that make clear image in ear when you get back bun hair style. You can adopt octopus statement earring with blue or silver dressing easily.

Green Tear Drop Statement Earring:


Small size green color tear drop earring give best style to attend prom party. Silver green divide leaf come into final look with green color tear drops beads. Hanging layer of beads is as set that end long and top short. You can wear with stopper the natural green color statement earring on prom party. Under the above picture define earring you feel free.

Gold Plate Statement Earring:


Golden earring always gives rich beauty to women when they pick up for party look. Double plate earring matches with finger rings and hand bracelets. In center of big size band “C” signature are designs that look great. On round shape or oval plate earring best suited that as see big but not are heavy. Reasonable in price gold earring allow you to match with blush pink makeup.

White Gold Statement Earring:


White gold drop style earring can attain in others color. Small size stones are arranging with one big size drop leaf beads. Multi color reflection creates in statement prom party earring. Pretty look beauty of women show under drop statement earring. You can wear with your golden, silver or other any color prom dress. Under the above define earring you feel comfort and not get pain in ear due to light weight efficiency.

Black & White Statement Earring:


Flower style crystal stone statement earring gets the lady in sky blue and silver short sleeveless dress. Crystal treatment in statement earring is give glossy accent and gibe bright look in bulb light. Interesting look develop under flower style prom party ear jewelry. Statement earring get their space either you make shoulder length hair style or back, top bun hair.

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