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Ear cuffs are iconic jewelry ornament bring a twist and versatility in feminine styling. Ear cuff are glamorous jewelry comeback again in fashion from 80s and 90s fashion trend.  Crystal, kundan, pearls, and diy ear cuff are eye-catching and breathtaking jewelry which give extravagant look. Ear cuffs are extraordinary style of earring fully cover the outer ear. It unique shape and opulent embellishment grabs attention. Trendy girls love this flawless jewelry piece which becomes staple in their jewelry boxes.  Indian cuff earring reflect the traditional culture which pop-up eye through distinctive and delightful look. Here we dispatch exclusive Indian ear cuff for fashionable ladies.

Draupadi kannphool style ear cuffs:

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Draupadi kannphool is traditional ear cuff design insert dramatic charm.  Heavy kundan and pearls crafted Draupadi kannphool is gorgeous piece for party styling. Its statement earring looking hot with high neck anarkali frocks, saree, and even lehenga choli if you do not want to wear necklace or chain pendant.  Half crescent-like earring cover ears while other parts are dangling pearl dome jhumki hand with kundan flower stud.

Stunning rubby and gold ear cuffs:

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Gold plated, crystal and rubby decorative ear cuff is luxe ornament for high-class ladies.  It’s chic jewelry for evening and part styling.  Pink hue adds feminine touch while crystal and gold details give for sophisticated look. It’s magnificent and playful design reflect the high class belong. This ear cuffs perfect for empowered ladies. Its glamorous earring if you piercing ear at two to more than two pints.

Bollywood style jhumki ear cuffs for girls:

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Ear cuff are interesting addition in Indian jewelry especially crystal embellished ear cuff with dangling jhumki.  This one is amazing idea to reflect traditional touch in modern jewelry. Jhumki is Indian cultural design which incredibly combines with western ear cuffs. Ear cuff cover larger part of the ear.  Look this fabulous gold pleated ear cuff   which add sparkly accent with crystal and zircon stone adornment.

Winged style ear cuff:

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Gold, sterling silver are more common in Indian jewelry.  Indian jewelry is popular throughout the world. Especially designer jewelry which design with sophisticated details. Winged style sterling silver and rhinestone crystals embellished ear cuff is noticeable design for fashion conscious girls. Its innovative ear cuff jewelry for those who desire something unique and interesting. Winged style ear cuff also have dangling crystal chain which look amazing.

Outstanding Indian Bollywood inspired ear cuff:

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Indian Bollywood actress in hot red saree looks beautiful and sexy with statement earring adornment. gold  and crystal  design  ear cuff  with  crystal drop dangling  detail  is magically unify with velvet blouse and net  saree.   Glistering crystal add a sparkly splash in her splendid style.  Round gold plated ring with crystal fill stuff is beautifully connected to design kannphool ear cuff.

Gold feather and chain ear cuff:

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Ocversize rose gold feather and crystal embellished standard lobe stud linked with triple ring triple ring helix cuffs through chain to design opulent boho inspired ear cuff.  It perfectly matches with any outfits.   If you are allergic from heavy earring then must try this. Light weight ear cuff is too comfortable in wearing yet also bring versatility in your look.

Feather ear cuff:

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Feather symbolized for peace, beauty and love. Its super cool and chic jewelry complement show you love with feathery friends.  Feather are richly used I clothing, and other women accessories.  Gold plated and rhinestone embellished feather ear cuff is mind-bellowing idea to look indifferent. Feather ear cuffs are dreamy jewelry for collage going and teen age girls.

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