Dramatically bold statement chain ear cuff enhance the magnificent look of women. Wearing of ear cuff for special or every day look brings cute personality. Chain style ear cuff are made of silver, gold, and metal material. Here we familiarized long chin ear cuff in flaying bird style, human skull, multi layer, and nickel free tassel chain. Enjoy more from below!

Gold Pleated Chained Ear Cuffs:


Gold pleated chain ear cuff is so simple but cute look. Long chain has two ends with one tiny ball and other one with cuff. With your back bun hair style you can enjoy the pleated gold chain ear cuff. Rich beauty of you will show under the chain style ear cuff. You can easily wear the ear cuff without any help.

Wedding Ear Cuff:


Wearing ear cuff on your special day give such a cute look! Skull hanging multi chain with cuff gives a classy style. Pretty ear cuff made with gold material. Fashion followers bridals are crazy to buy the skull chain hanging ear cuff on wedding day. This above one ear cuff give unique and interesting glance that will delicate the bridal personality.

Ear Cuff Hair Chain:


Trendy girl wear the ear cuff to hair chain with pony tail hair style. Maybe you wear as earlier wear the ear cuff but ear cuff to hair is unique and creative styling. Lots of such ear cuff like jewelry you can buy online or near from jewelry market. My first attempt to ear cuff jewelry inspires me to also share with you.

Nickel Free Long Tassel Chain:


If you are working woman and want to wear the ear cuff jewelry this summer, than follow the above image. Lady with her top bun hair style amazingly wears the gold ear cuff nickel free long tassel chain. You can set the long chain under the top bun easily and impress other with her sleek beauty.

Drop Down Chain Style Ear Cuff:


Ear pin with long chain touch the neck beauty. Multi chain with different has one root. If you are making the top bun hair style or back bun you can clearly show the ear cuff jewelry and get people attention. You can wear the ear pin top of ear wit long chin hanging movement beauty.

Star Fish Chain Ear Cuff:


Real beach look try to create in women ear cuff jewelry. White pearl with blue bead are fill in the thin gold chain. End of chain makeover with star fish. Ear cuff with low ball wear the women at end of ear. You ear easily bear the hanging chain weight with two end support. Functional look is show under starfish chain ear cuff.

Flaying Bird Ear Cuff:


Flaying bird style chin ear cuff best suited for bird lover. Hook style lock embossed with bird that has back chain with key ear cuff. Silver bird ear cuff will spark in dark night. Your taste is clearly showed under the bird ear cuff.  Flaying bird ear cuff has little weight that your ear can bear.

Leaf Style Chain Ear Cuff:


Long chain ear cuff make perfect selection for bridal wedding day. Eyeful leaf style ear cuff has unique and interesting look. Long silver chain touches the chest with tiny pleated features. Black color leaf ear cuff match the bridal with her nail polish. With two to three curl long chain has one end.