Women always want to get pretty look and follow the new fashion and trend. Two finger rings are elegant design that can wear for casual or functional look beauty. These fingers can attain in diamond, gold, stainless steel and antique material. Diamond rings are precious that show your status. Gold rings come on second number after diamond that also not easily buys but not as difficult as diamond. You will found amazing design of two finger ring in this post that attracts people. Lets enjoy!

Two Finger Ring with Pearl Chain:


Women wear two finger rings with pearl hanging chain design. Ring finer has gold band with top listed green pearl. Next one index finger band treat with antique flower that make shinning. Thin golden chain fill with small size pearls. White and green color combination glowing in two finger ring style. You can enjoy above picture style of ring for functional look.

Champagne Diamond & Black Gold Ring:


With Number of ends two finger rings enjoy the women in her index and middle finger. Some ends of ring furnished with silver sequin while other are made of black gold. Very interesting style is of two finger ring that attract people when you will wear. Color of silver black can match with dressing. Silver sequin release sparkling expression in much light.

Double Finger Diamond Ring:


Diamond is precious material that much expensive and not everyone can easily attain. V-shape white diamond ring is slip in women middle and ring finger at a time. Small size leave stand in between of two fingers. Simple but elegant styling gives bright impressions that are enough to impress people. You can pass as a gift to your love once the two finger diamond ring.

Pave Swirl Snake Ring:


Horrible look pave swirl snake double ring may be artistic mind idea. Double finger snake ring come in black color. Face of snake walk in index finger. Tail of snake takes curve in pinky finger. College girls like snake style two ring fingers for every day wearing. Under snake style ring your fingers top remain free just snake touch two finger skin from side.

Stainless Steel Chain Two Finger Ring:


Amazing gold pleated stainless steel jewelry shows your life style. Delicate steel thin chain keeps near both thumb and index finger ring. Leaves branch take different turn and shape with glittery antique features. In thumb one and index finger two band control the whole structure of two finger rings. You can wear easily and enjoy your function.

Layered Chains Two Finger Ring:


Layered chain style two finger ring give cut touch to your hand. Index and ring finer band has small hocks for hanging the metal chain. Thin ring style chain selected for this unexpected two fingers ring. Women match hand jewelry with her black tank. Statement earrings are suit on modish lady round shape face. Green smoky eyes and dark color glossy lips make a hot personality.

Gold Star Two Finger Ring:


Small size gold start two finger ring decorates with glittery look material. In much light ring start give impression as real start shine on sky. Numbers of stars are design in s series of pinky finger band while middle finger gets three stars. Selection of start design two finger ring shows that you want to see nature closely. Gold star two finger rings are pass lovely beauty.

Glittery Antique Two Finger Ring:


One silver plain band the lady in her middle finer other two bands are in glitter form. Curve style leave fully covered with antique tiny material. Simple but elegant look of two finger bands match the lady with black color nail polish. Black and silver contras in hand can match with dressing. For casual wearing the above picture defines two finger rings you can buy.

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