Women become bore with same hair band and pin, now we bring some trendy and artistic look headband that much impresses them. For functional, every day and wedding look these forehead design are perfect. Light weight favorable in weight pearl trimming, gold pleated chain, flower, lace and braid forehead are involve in our collection. You can easily slip light eight queen appearance forehead on your long curly hair. Get images with detail from below!

Functional Look in Forehead Band:

1 forehead band for  modern and classy women  (11)

Modish lady wear metal pearl forehead on her diy shoulder length hair. Bohemian style white pearl show the rich beauty of women. Formal look develop and can easily wear with center lining that goes down from band hair. Light weight forehead band rock your style. Cool accessory make you attractive lady when you go to attend the function. Or party. In right side image gold ring chain hanging leaves forehead jewelry present queen beauty of women. Golden color head band on dark maroon color hair give glossy expression.

Trendy Girl in Forehead Band:

2 forehead band for  modern and classy women  (6)

Funky girl want to wear braided forehead on her long hair. She swipe her curly on one side shoulder with off-the shoulder tank dressing. Tightly soft thin band wear on hair in brown color. You will remain relax in summer season when hair come on face and disturb you.  Cris-cross style embellished lace get the women in forehead band look. Golden and sky blue color lace is spark. Green eyes, peach color lips and golden brown hair make the women attractive.

Bridal Look in Forehead Band:

3 forehead band for  modern and classy women  (4)

Wedding is the special day that inspired you to get unique beauty look. As you get best shoes and dressing make fine your hair also become necessary. Forehead jewelry play major role to give you queen appearance. Light weight simple but elegant style forehead easily wears on long hair. Thin rope fills with pearl and antique flower. Gold and white color forehead jewelry matches with bridal dressing. Softly slip the forehead band on hair after division of hair on both shoulders.

Flower Forehead Band:

4 forehead band for  modern and classy women  (2)

Daisy flower trimmed on colorful braid forehead band. White petals of flower give lovely touch on ear. Really spring beauty of women shoes in flower design head band idea.  You can enjoy sweet fragrance as well as pretty look. For every day look the above image define head piece give comfort styling. You can match braid color with your dressing. In this idea ends of braid band in bow style back of head that make clear beauty from front. It depend on you either you are get fresh flower or fake forehead.

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