Gold jewelry become staple accessory in women closets. Every woman is crazier for gold and diamond jewelry.  Some ladies choose gold just for fashion and some wear it to show their class or status. Wearing larger gold ring becomes a fashion. Modern designer offer endless collection of larger finger rings for trendy ladies. In Asian countries bigger gold ring are highly adopted by the brides. Here we bring exclusive designer gold ring design for trendy girls. Hope you like it.

Gold finger ring with bracelet:


This one is gorgeous Indian finger ring especially design for traditional bridals.  Its precious gold made ring assemble with kundan from.  This ring glorifies the bridal charm. Larger ring is linked with bracelet. Round and tear shaped crystal and emerald stone is used to design this lovely hand jewelry.  Polki and Kundan style ring and bracelet is adorable choice for bride if she does not apply mehendi on her back hands.

Yellow gold rings by Manubhai jeweler:


Manubhai jeweler offers this ultra-gorgeous   designer gold finer ring for brides. These are gold crafted ring larger in size give royal touch to adorn bridal. Pure gold and diamond embellished finger rings design with Judau and Kundan style. I love both rings.

Manubhai jeweler gold ring:


Sparkly and eye-pleasing ring is also intellectual offered by Manubhai jeweler for empowered ladies. It luxurious and unique ring design perfect for every styling either formal or casual. Luminous crystals and emeralds stone embellished larger ring is design with 14kt gold.  This floral design ring finger really mater pieces in Manubhai jeweler closets.

Gold cocktail ring:


Ruby and pearl embellished cocktail ring is statement Indian ring design grabs my attention. It heart binding ring design for modern bride It mughal culture inspired ring finger. Gold crafted is adorned with tiny pearls border and ruby embedded center. I’m so excited to bring this lovely cocktail ring in my jewelry box.

Plukka gold ring:


Plukka is well recognizer shopping store unleash timeless collection of designer ring. This gold triangular shield larger size ring is also showcased by Plukka for trendy girls. This 18kt yellow gold crafted ring like by modish girls.  It design is so unique and impressive. Diamond embedded gold ring add sparkly splash in your style.

Gold and diamond crossover ring:


It splendid ring design by keeping modern women demand in mind. It’s elegant combination of sophistication and modernity. Plukka design this luxurious gold ring as engagement or wedding ring. This ring also liked by glamorous ladies. Diamond embellished crossover style ting named as Tangle.

Glamorous Indian gold ring:


Look at this impeccable traditional gold Indian jewelry design glamorized modern brie. Ruby and emerald embedded over size gold rings design with the bridal jewelry set include chocker necklace, earring, mang tikka and ring.

Adjustable cuff gold rings:


This ring is perfectly overcome the demand of modern ladies requirements as it bring versatility and super edgy style that really rock their formal and evening styling. Over size gold crafted adjustable cuff rings are inspirational ring design grabs modern girl’s attentions.
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