Hay wine lover please attention! Here we bring some brilliant and creative ideas for your holiday. You can make your spare time useful with this diy creation. You can enjoy unique and interesting craft within your budget. You think what is that about I m talking now listen I am taking about barrel stave decoration. Here we explore different handmade ideas that you can perform within budget. In our barrel stave decoration include music station, fruit tray, wall hanging and table top candle holder, chair, wine rack, tablet holder and many others. Let’s go and enjoy!

Music Station:


For my music lover barrel stave idea will be great.  Guitar station is very easy to manage with little space and always remain up from the floor. Place your favorite music instrument always front to inspire others. Budget idea may be fun for you that you can generate on self base. In crafting the music station you need less quantity of barrel stave and needles material.

Table Top Bottle Garden Succulent:


For wine guy’s table top display bottle garden succulents is a holiday activity. Definitely look great in your kitchen counter, dining room where it will creates fresh environment. In this garden display two wine polished bottle and barrel stave are used. You can enjoy indoor plant of same or different kinds in wine bottle garden. With this idea you are able to say or display proudly your own recycle wine barrel rack.

Wine Barrel Stave Fruit Tray:


Very interesting and fun an idea is wine barrel stave fruit tray. Natural wood polished tray much attracts the others when you display on your kitchen counter top. Pair of stave is used in crafting the fruit tray. You can serve or display banana, cucumber like fruit easily. Little space need even you can arrange on kitchen small wall. Personally I like barrels stave fruit tray.

Wine Barrel Stave Chair:


Are you interested in wine drink? If yes then many creative ideas say welcome of you. Very easy, high quality, hard furniture like chair you can design with barrel stave wood material. You can craft chair used in your home or can pick up as profession. Wine stave chair mostly used in hospital, hotels and in other profession for customer sitting purpose.

Barrel Staves Wine Rack:


Barrel stave wine rack is holiday gift for wine lover. Staves are reclaimed and fitted with iron cradle in which at a time 9 bottles can display. These natural woods appeal the warmth of wine in living room. Wine rack Hand craft creation like every one that safe space in bar or home. Now everyone can easily pick up their require taste.

Wall Hanging Candle Holder:


Wine barrel stave candle holder is a unique decoration for every home or room. Wall mounted candle holder scatter light in all corner. The scone is made of wine barrel stave that support the iron curve. Very carefully cut the barrel stave and curl the metal band for this decoration piece. Simple choice is stave candle holder that gives elegant light to perform any given task.

Wine Bottle Table Top Candle Holder:


In creation of table top candle holder three wine bottles are used. Same size and color bottles are finished from end to easy place over the tea candle. Barrel stave used on that white color small candles are arrange in a series. Reclaimed and hand craft wine bottle candle holder you can develop within short time. Within your budget you can enjoy the candle holder.

Barrel Stave Tablet Holder:


Fun idea for tablet lover is barrel stave frame. Wine barrel stave are cut in to small size fro crafting the tablet holder. Noy you can entertain on tablet when are are doing other work. You neeed not to carry the big szie tablet in hand just display in wood holder. Home ladies that mostly look busy in kitchen easily talk with their frineds and retalivies.
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