1 creative recycling ideas plastic bottles (15)

Through these diy plastic bottle projects we add little contribution in making earth secure. Recycle plastic bottles has greater advantage if we take in environmental prospective. Plastic bottles are beneficial material. You can grab it in useful projects.

Making interesting diy thing with plastic bottles create more fun. Pinch personal tone in home interior by making amazing thing recycled plastic bottle crafts. Slip through the page to get awe-inspiring recycles bottle hacks for home decorations.

Recycled plastic bottel bird feeders:

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Stroll around in home to find what you need first. Bird feeder is elegant thing to attract little feathery creatures in your backyard, garden and even balconies. If you are not in position to spend budget for purchasing bird feeder create it at home with easy diy projects. Simple take plastic bottles and make whole to give way to food. Pass through wooden spoon from the holds for birds setting as show in above photo.


Hand painted plastic bottles party favor box:

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Giving honor to guest with favor gift become a custom either it a wedding or birthday party. Diy bottle favor box is sweet solution if you seeking for budget favor. Colorful pepsicum and apple shaped favor boxes look so attractive. Cut bottles near bottoms and paint with in favorite color. Join two pieces together by painting zip with glue.
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Cute hanging planter:

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Miniature hanging garden is adorable ideas to bring outside charm inside the home. Planter is amazing source of refreshing surrounding. It keep you mind cool and fresh for longer time. Recycle bottle planter ideas are in limitless style yet this one is so cute perfect for kid room makeover. Cartoon character face cut plastic bottle planters put positive impact on kids personality and also helpful in keeping them happier.

Colorful diy bottles candle holder:

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Candle is staple decorative elements but you always need protective candle holder for security advantages because little flame leads bigger loses. Repurposes plastic bottle tea light holder is whimsically interesting ideas for table top decoration. You can put them everywhere either on coffee table, dining table, endbale or even on consoles.

Repurpose plastic bottle pencil holder:

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Diy plastic bottle pencil holder is playful trick to de-culture working desk.  Everyone either kid or adult needs such element to organize their working space which also express their personality.  See-through pensile holder works as pouch which is secured than other pencil holders.  You can carry stationary everywhere in need.

Pretty plastic bottle serving dish:

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This will deeply touch to hearts. Festive and budgeted plastic bottles crafted tiered serving stand is best for dinning to party dessert table placement. It tends other to drop jaws.  Metal road, vinyl record and plastic bottle bottoms crafted triple tiered stand is smart option for party celebrations.

Recycle plastic bottle jewelry stand:

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Pretty girls are you looking for cost-effective holder for jewelry organization. Join us, this will beneficial for you vanity especially for teen girls.  Tiered plastic bottles jewelry stand permit enough space to hold finger rings and earring either stuff or drop.

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