Cotton spray flower are in a whimsical ideas which surprised someone.  White cotton brings elegant charm in home space which purifies the surrounding. There the countless ideas for cotton spray flower yet here we talk about the vase arrangement.  In this way you get an eye-pleasing centerpiece without involving any flower.  It awesome choice if you directly bring cotton bundles to put them in vases. What to do if you have no such a source then there is a great option must work discuss below you can enhance natural grace without spending too much cost because cotton spray flowers are affordable decorative compliment. Here we bring interesting ideas to create playful centerpieces for home and party decoration.

How to make diy faux cotton spray flower:


It so simple to make fake cotton spray flower at home just collect the required material consist on  dry branches, cardboard eggs carton, cotton ball, brown paint, brush, hot glue gun and scissor. Now separates each egg cup by cutting the egg carton which converts in petal like shape after further cuttings. It’s a pod for cotton bolls. Paint the pod with brown paint and then leave it to dry.

Bend the petals in desire shapes. Bend inward side if you need a semi blossom faux cotton spray while bend outside if need fully bloomed flower. Combine two cotton balls to shape a larger ball just look like cotton spray flower, now paste it in the petal pod through hot glue gun. Now it times to attach the pod atop the top of each branch. It’s good to choose branches in different lengths and width. Thicker and thin branches give natural look. Now it ready o become a part of you vase let see how we arrange it in different way to get wow-worthy charm.

Mason jar arrangement:


If you totally desire rustic grace then it best to arrange faux cotton spray in Mason jar. It’s effective and budgeted way to enhance lively charm. Mason jars crafted centerpiece, and braided straw table placemats flawlessly become a part of this countryside dining table decoration.

Black basket vase arrangement:


Look at this opulent farmhouse inspired centerpiece place in center of the dining table delicately.  Black basket taller in size is beautifully set in metal stand which provide balance and also give statement look. White cotton spray flower brilliantly set it in black basket. Burlap and fabric strips crafted runner also unify with flower vase. It’s breathtaking centerpiece for farmhouse dinning table. Must make it a part of brunch table.

Transparent glass vase:


Crystal clear glass vase spectacularly filled with small pebbles which give support to the cotton sprat bundle arrange in it.  Put this artistic centerpiece over the wooden crafted console table along with other farm ornaments. Its amazing ideas to fascinate rustic or countryside home entrance, living and dining areas.

Bucket vase arrangement:


Wow! Cotton spray decorative vase is interesting idea to adorn party table with unusual centerpiece. Golden spray bucket gorgeously flourished with cotton spray branches. It’s superb centerpiece for brunch or farmhouse theme wedding.  Golden vase and white spray flower branches impeccable compliment of this golden and grey theme wedding.

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