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Pantry is one of the function area of kitchen provide secure and wet free space for edible products in organized way. Well organized pantry cabinet provides quick and easy reach as you better know where and what is in the pantry. Pantry divided in different sections having cabinets or racks for placing purposes. While selecting kitchen pantry cabinets you have to understand basic function and types of cabinets an entire Pantry setup is based over cabinet type. So we bring different kitchen pantry designs with detailed cabinet review.

Wall mounted kitchen pantry:

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Well organized kitchen food pantry may be anywhere in kitchen depend over your choice while it size is relay over the kitchen requirements. If food stock is in greater quantity then oversized pantry while medium size pantry is perfect for an ideal kitchen. Look at this wall mounted kitchen pantry having white painted sliding door that hide it to reveal sleek appearance. Upper part of pantry are divided in larger racks vary in heights while lower portion is divide in there cabinets further parted in mini racks. All cabinets and racked cover with single door that looks graceful.

Contemporary pantry:

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Another contemporary kitchen pantry crafted with wood in floor-to-ceiling length. Grey painted pantry is smart choice for space saving kitchens as it cover lee ground space. Double hinge door cover ¾ portion of the pantry which designs with wider cupboard wile lower part sectioned in our equal half without any enclosure details. Hinge door also fascinated with tier racks for spice and jam jar placement. Rattan crafted square basket set inside railing frame for perishable storage.

Ultra-modern corner pantry:

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This one is superb idea for ultra-modern kitchen. Advance details give while designing this rectangular kitchen pantry, also cover snake area where it different to get access.  Chrome finishing aluminum and glass framed foldable and sliding featuring rack insert to make it possible to store kitchen items in blocked cabinet. Six tier racks provide enough space to manage crockery and food related products.

Pull-out sleek kitchen pantry:

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Create elegance in cooking area by organizing all food items in pantry cabinets that give sleek finishing. Well organized pantry reflects the personality of the person keep full hold over kitchen operations. Look at this stunning sleek and smart pantry design with roll-in-out cabinet. Flat panel cabinet door pull out drawer with single push. Multi rack with equal space leaving inserts for arranging food items. It‘s unique panty idea for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Rolling –out drawer pantry:

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Plywood crafted pull out drawer is ingenious choice for modern and contemporary kitchens. These pantry cabinets permit to arrange different sizes products different drawer according to their size. Smaller to larger drawer perfectly hold entire kitchen related item without creating any disturbing factor. Upper and lower cabinets are further ivied in different section for more elegance.

Contemporary vertical pantry cabinet:

7 contemporary kitchen pantry cabinet (2)

Sneaky and smart rolling-out cabinets are also brilliant choice for larger kitchen. These drawers are best when pantry is deep from inside while look smaller from front. Roll out draw help you bring out all staff out of the cabinet instead of making straggle to find item within the cabinets.

Corner pantry cabinet:

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Corner pantry is another choice gives extra storage space. It will allow you to use corner space which has not meaning otherwise. Two cabinets with connected corner is lovely choice for kitchen pantry. Here floor to roof ceiling pantry design to cover larger family kitchen requirement.
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