1 awesome wall planter ideas (16)

It easy to buy plant buy difficult to adjust them on right place. Plant brings freshness in home and happy feel. Wall planters are modern trend and fun idea for people. You can make visible the any corner of the home with hanging the planters on wall.

You can enjoy leafy, flowers or vegetable wall planters depend on your mood. You and your coming guest can live around the wall planters. In our collection numbers of wall planters ideas are include that are budgeted and effortless. Look below!

Zinc Circle and Half Circle Planters:

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Playful wall planters are crafted with edged zinc finish. Circle and half circle shaped planters are perfect for succulent gardening. With different shape and size of planters you can create a natural look “living wall”.

Creative Wall Planters:

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It is our creative wall planter idea in which stainless steel small buckets hang up on wood pallets. Playful wall planters are amazing for herbs like ferns, leafy green and other whatever you want. I love with Easy wall planter for my corridor.

Board Wall Planters:

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Build these wall board shelf eye-catch images around living room furniture. Easy to make wood board and attach with wall close to window. Pair of pots adorn on wall board bring cool and fresh feelings in your home.

Wooden Planter Kit:

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For home garden make this adorable wall planter kit. Shabby chic large planter kit also best suited for your kitchen wall. This one wall planter idea is fit even for your small kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Planter:

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It will be personalize space of your kitchen make natural environment in which you live relax. Custom made wall planters is favorite element in entire home. You can grow leafy plant in these terracotta pots.

Kitchen Wall Planter:

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Plant symbolize with life and vitality so people like these. You can give style to your kitchen with fit up wall planters. Kitchen marble backsplash match with pots that tightly hang in metal hanger.

Ceramic Wall Planters:

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Interesting living room ceramic wall planters subtle look. Ceramic with matte white glaze turn in to planters work as wall art. These White planters are perfect for orchid flowers.

Watering Can Wall Planters:

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Chic beauty of your home become with colorful wall planters idea. Leafy and flower plants can grow in watering can and attach with up cycling long wood pallet. Wall planter become visible if arrange back wall of sofa.

Wood Pallet Wall Planter:

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With little effort you can turn a small corner into big. You can win a vegetable garden with plastic pots attach with wood pallet frame visible on wall.

Green Wall Planter:

11 awesome wall planter ideas (25)

Circular and transparent frame planter idea is very attractive. Vertical wall planters surrounded inside succulent plant. You can easily hang the pair of round planters.

Crate Wall Planters:

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Use anything you have a home to create wall planters like these crate are adorable. Vertical herb garden great for any home either it small or large.
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