1 timeless double shower ideas (14)

Planning a bathroom with double shower is good idea especially for couple. Mostly people like showering with another person that becomes difficult in case of one shower. For a big family double shower is timeless and space saving idea. You can build double shower in bathroom either in a sequence or front of each other. According to me front of each other double shower plan is best suited as compare to other one. Bath shower are avail in market in sterling silver, and brass material make yourself choice.

Luxury Brass Shower:

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These frameless metal showers feel the endless style that you can replicate in your bathroom.  Black geometrical style floor tile give real luxury appearance. Brass tap wares are in contemporary shape and give classic appearance. Green planters decorate on bathroom shelf and paint in white color to visible in black bath. Metallic shower and tap ware blush in bathroom and show clearly.

Black Bathroom Double Shower:

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For your black bathroom require stainless steel tab ware and shower to show clearly. Bold black color bathroom tiles help you in increasing the bath light. Add glamorous in bath with perfect ceiling lighting that directly drop light in bathroom. In open style bathroom make side cabinets to make towel storage. Note down for waterfall purpose center hole is built.

Dream Shower:

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Walk in double shower built in ceiling of bathroom. Stone exterior in bath give cool feelings during summer. Square size shower with side lighting is perfect arrangement. You and your family can enjoy bath under double shower in which water fall like rain. It another open style bathroom arrange with double shower fit in ceiling.

Modern Bath Shower:

In big size bathroom I like the smooth flooring, double shower and glass door. The combat is constructing at separate place from bathing. Ceiling shower can close to floor with metal rode. In white marble bathroom the black color tabs are used. Light up the bathroom with perfect light arrangement. Two people at a time can take bath with availability of double shower.

Different Style Double shower:

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To generate the double shower in bathroom not needs to extend the bath space just use genius ideas. On both side wall of bathroom you can arrange same or different design shower. Make chic look beauty of bath display tulip flower glass vase on shelf. Master bath is best for a combine family. Excellent bath with double shower safe your time and space.

Elegant Double Shower:

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Gray color attractive bath with huge shower is ideal for whole family. Perfect design bath is timeless and space saving basic design. Wood flooring of bath with shelf and stainless steel tap look luxury. The frame of bath is rustic style that mold in to modern with little effort of double shower, and glass door. Double shower bathroom is divided from center with floor cut where water fall.

Master Bathroom Double Shower:

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In long size luxury bathroom front wall decorate with marble material. Big size bathtub with tab set in a corner. Stainless steel circular design Double shower can enjoy two people at a time. Your kids also like double shower. Tab wares of shower are built at one side of wall. The roof of bathroom is in attic style that mostly construct due to stair.

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