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Innovation and technology built up living standard. Everyone dream for life with comfy and luxury. Decorating home with unique methods becomes huge trend. Each and every inch of room interior assume special while renovating home.

Ceiling is focal part of the room put strong impression if decorated well. Along ceiling designs and paints, lights also required for extra glow. Chandelier or modern ceiling hanging lamps are festive option but confusion create when it come to fan installation. Both chandelier and fan are active details and it’ impossible to skip one. You can make adjustment in roomy spaces but not at all.

Confusions either nail down chandelier or ceiling fan can resolve through light and airy combo. Ceiling light with chandelier is incredible idea to spices up interior with innovative technology hacks. Chandelier ceiling fans are in alluring design. Here are some inspiration designs that gain modern home owner’s attention.

Elegant ceiling chandelier fan:

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Here is contemporary-chi chandelier light ceiling fan by Doretta that accent living room space with enduring elegance. 3-peachy light bowl in lovely patterns pinch actual attraction. High airflow and cozy light scatter delight into space.

Luxurious chandelier ceiling fan:

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Statement crystal chandelier and five blades ceiling fan fill glory and romance into space. Black and copper combination smoothly blends with interior. Drumcullen chandelier fan is awesome presentation by Astoria Grand. Glamorous lights, antique bronze wood blades accentuate ceiling fan is bold addition for indoor decorations. Espresso finish ceiling fan are perfects for producing sophisticated statement into living room.

 Heart-touching chandelier fan:

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Glamorous and eye-catching chandelier fan is so beautiful .colorful embellishment on lighting bowls double it worth. Moroccan inspired colorful chandelier keep classic black fan in focus. Such ingenious are right for living, bedroom and even patio decorations.

Crystal chandelier ceiling fan:

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Amazing! Sleek and styling Netter 5 blade chandelier ceiling fan is drop-dead gorgeous complement o for contemporary to modern homes, wooden blades in antique bronze finish is also impressive. Larger blades are productive in producing great air movement easily reach to every inch of bigger rooms. Luxe crystal chandelier with a quirky crystal pendant drop details induce enough opulence.

Classic chandelier ceiling fan:

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Feel nice air flow during this season by installing classic-chic chandelier ceiling fan. Tarudor 4-blade ceiling fan elaborated in traditional style. Cool and classic style of this fan will let you breezy air during warmer day.  Sturdy fan with glowing light are wonderful home necessity that improve living style.

Wooden bladed LED chandelier fan:

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Modernity-chic rustic style ceiling fan is adorable home appliance. Elegant light insert make fan look even fancier. Wooden blades and LED light fixture are ingenious feature give for indoor and outdoor compatibility.  Subtle fan is awesome hunt for you dream land.

 Creative ceiling fan chandelier:

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Creativity   has the real worth. Whimsically unique creation has powers to transform entire moods.  Classic-chic country home living room decorations explain it well. Nude sofa, reclaimed wood coffee table and dramatic ceiling fan are fantastic additions. Lighting-kit and decorative bladed ceiling fan turn into eye-catching chandelier fan through diy craft.  Jute robe ball chandelier ceiling fan cast splendid graces.
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