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Mirror is essential decorative element play major role in accent home interior. Their productivity cannot count on finger. It opulent addition in every home either bring for decorative purpose or in functional prospective. Floating mirror on wall, sometime feel like oops, does not look so attractive without a consoles, sideboard, vanity and a shelf especially when they hang for functional purpose.

Mirror either framed or not gives a way to scatter elegance in home with floating shelf.  Remodel bedroom, bathroom, living and entrance way by treating wall with mirror and floating shelves.

On-mirror shelf ideas:

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Rustic-chic modern bedroom statement wall incredibly convert into festive vanity section by mounting LED light big round mirror and sleek finishing wood floating shelf. It’s splendid idea to bring perfection along with versatility and elegance. LED light glow wall magically.

Rustic-chic on mirror shelf:

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Space saving powder room under staircase is best space to get fresh.   Geometric inspire round mirror   brighter up in novelty bulb lamp light give clear reflection. Vintage wood frame also have on mirror shelf which provide extra storage space for organization purpose.  Here are two wall mounted shelves fixed on wall in front of each sink yet the charm come through on the mirror shelf.

Brass tome mirror with shelf:

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Develop a feel of gold-glam by bring such an incredibly metal framed mirror. Brass finishing metal frame with in front shelf is best choice for those areas where is impossible to add vanities and console tables. Gold tone mirror mounted on bedroom wall work as smart vanity because you can store regular makeup items here without any difficulty.

Chrome finishing mirror frame and shelf:

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Sleek and smart mirror and linear sconces are breathtacking element for bathroom decoration if you planed for single sink vanity. Chrome finishing metal framed Astoria mirror with on mirror shelf put focal charm in contemporary to modern bathrooms.

Wooden frame circular mirror and shelf:

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Dramatic and chic wooden framed circular mirror is ready to reveal astonishing charm in entryway.  Natural-tone wood framed mirror is available in reasonable prices. Petite shelf attach with mirror increase mirror productivity. You can place mobile and keys to get easy accent when go out from the house.

Mirror with drawer:

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Rustic and vintage charm blends together. Two different sizes Round metal framed mirror set hook down in wooden wall for entryway decoration. On mirror drawer is amazing concepts for sneaky storages. Drawer top consume as additional shelf where you put decorative compliment. Here mini planter and fragrance jars put for opulent finishing.

Black metal frame mirror with shelf:

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Geometrically shaped rectangular mirror is interesting addition in modern bathroom where it hang in front of vanity other single or double. Black powder coated metals framed mirror also have shelf that look amazing. Standout mirror shelf design creates wow-factor especially in black and white theme bathrooms.

Big round mirror with shelf:

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Truly gorgeous, an enthreal grace develop In corridor by hanging oversize round brass framed vintage mirror and reclaimed wood floating shelf on simple white painted wall.  Wood and brass reveal classy tone. This way you can create an illusion of airy space as well artistic wall makeover.
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