Whip up burlap natural material in home for window deocration. Washable, durable, soft feel burlap can individually and mix with other cotton fabric emerged awesome window drappers design. Interesting look create when you entertain you kitchen, living room or bedroom window with burlap. In our collection you will see brown color rustic burlap combination how amazingly mix with other. Rolled up, ruffle style, flower print window curtain add in our collection. You can enjoy below images with detail about burlap window drapers.

Brown & White Burlap Kitchen Window Curtain:


In kitchen sink front window decorate with easy affordable and diy project. Natural jute with gold Lurex and cream burlap ribbon hang in iron ring. Wood frame half window is covered under burlap curtain. Shimmering expression are show under glittery burlap that also glow your kitchen. Both color burlap give rustic and modern look of your kitchen.

Burlap & Gingham Kitchen Curtain:


The idea to add burlap and gingham in your kitchen give interesting appearance. Same style you can perform in your house room to room that show you most personal style. During winter brown color of burlap will be intense and show right choice. If you like to covered window just from bottom you can easily transfer the short length burlap with gingham patch.

Burlap & Gingham Café Curtain:


You can enjoy above image and take interesting idea how burlap & gingham pattern and color spread in cafeteria. Burlap curtain end stitch with gingham patch while top hangs in bow style. Black color chair design stole from gingham pattern. Small size but perfect look table top decorates with burlap cover and black utensils. Personally I like and love cafeteria window curtain idea.

Dining Room Burlap Curtain Style:


Cute look appear of dining room with long size burlap curtain. White color pair of flower print decorates on window drapers with short distance. Iron railing used of hanging the curtain in proper style. During summer burlap curtain stop the sun light and in winter give cozy feelings. Wood furniture, and floor gives really create natural scene in dining room.

Ruffled Bottom Burlap Curtain:


Chic and rustic style curtain give soft look that much impress others. The panel of curtain stitch with white cotton fabric while bottom furnished with natural burlap in ruffle style. You can arrange the above image style ruffled bottom burlap curtain for your bedroom. Modern to rustic combination try to merge in long drapers that stop sun light and dust to enter in room. If you like than can attain burlap panel and cotton ruffle bottom in window curtain like make in bellow image.

Rolled Up Burlap Curtain Style:


Feminine look little strange rolled up curtain style you can pick up on room French window. This one curtain style best suit for double window that you can cover up at a time not individually utilize energy. I think it’s absolutely right idea o add rustic charm in home appearance. Absolutely you can easy learn the style and can drop on your kitchen or bedroom French window.

Elegant Style Burlap Window Curtain:


People that chose interior design as hobby that create their home like what they actually want and wish. I request that once time they must try burlap window curtain idea. For French window rolled up style give most modern look to rustic kitchen. Under rolled up design you can get as light as you require. You can arrange easily burlap material that is durable for your kitchen French window.