When we think about decorating out little paradise or changing the existing home decoration first thing that come in our mind is how to bring uniqueness in home which really catches attention. Lighting is staple compliment in every home. Chandeliers, pendant s and other lighting artistically illuminate home interior. As we talk about how to bring wow factor in home space. There is lot of ideas yet wine or whisky barrel diy lighting is really whimsically way to adorn home. Handcrafted barrel light are cost effective addition, successfully bring novelty grace. Here we unleash affordable and eye-pleasing barrel lights for you. Hope you like it.

Wine barrel chandelier:


These dreamy wine barrels are ready to scattered romantic glance along with coziness. Diy crafted wooden barrels fantastically convert in larger ceiling hanging chandelier. These chandeliers not only brightened the room but also create mesmerizing vibe. Bring these lovely barrels lights to grace up living areas or bedrooms.

Barral straps chandilier:


Hack this ecotic wine barrel crafted chandilier ready to lit-up foryer, and living room areas. Rustic wooden barral straps crafted chandilier look awesom in vintage finishing. It modren plus rustic inspired  chandilier pop-up dramatic feeling. Hang is over the dinning ot coffee table to enhance intellectual  accent.

Dreamy barrels lights:


Wow! Its warmth and heart touching source of fascinate home space in unusual way. Rustic-chic dining table and whisky barrel chandelier intellectually set in center of the dining room. Wooden wall and heavy drapes also play greater role to create vintage surrounding, diy barrel lights are visible decorative piece which crafted with diy techniques. Just cut the barrel in two equal half vertically and in fixed modern light inside it. Metal chain inserts to hang the chandelier in balance form.

Barrel floor lighting ideas:


These extremely opulent diy wine barrel lights are romantic choice to adorn foyer, porch and entrance door decoration. Bulky barrels gorgeously festooned in beautiful patterns. Bring these stunning barrels light for special event celebration such as Christmas, Halloween and others.

Chic barrel hanging lights:


Here we bring appealing diy crafted light touches to heart. Wooden and metal frame wine barrel bottom half ingeniously involved to design stylish yet affordable light which bring wow-worthy glance. I love this simple barrel light pendant. Just make it home to enhance captivating charm.

Vintage wine barrels chandelier:


Look at the whimsically gorgeous and fun making diy barrel light. It’s greatest inspiration for those who desire to bring rustic vive in home interior especially farm house feeling.  Vintage wood wine barrels brilliantly design by passes through cubby robe and yellow light bulb. Its elegant pendant light hangs in center of the bedroom which already adorn with 3D headboard.

Colorful barrels pendants:


Creativity is the visible tool of enhancing the goal. Every man has creative mind just need to recognize himself. Watch out these lovely resin barrels light which fantastically an inspiration compliment of a restaurant becomes. Colorful and floral detailed barrels light pendants grabs attention. It’s fabulous alternative of traditional lights.
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