Easy and budget way is to get diy bottle earring. Fun idea that much impresses you and others can enjoy in every season. Colorful earring helps you in easy match with your dressing. Funky or modern girls like so much these diy ear jewelry. Here we collect statement earring, pearl, beaded, gold wired, dough flower, ring chain, snow man face painted bottle earring for you. Pick up your best one style from below images and try on self bases.

Gold Wired Bottle Earring:


Golden wire wrapped cone style bottle earring are fun idea. Eco friendly earring can easily made after recycle material of bottle cap. Thin wire is used for installing top hock through earring can hang in ear.   Reasonable in size and light weight bottle earring show artistic look that can much impress the others. With little material and effort you can get unique piece of jewelry.

Blue Beads Bottle Earring:


Bottle blue cap give great idea to enjoy blue and contras beads. Silver long hook pass in each cap top hole and then tightly wrapped.  Golden and blue beads give shine in natural light. Amazingly you can match blue color bottle earring with your summer or winter dress. Dark color earring will make you attractive lady. You can also impress people with your hand made earring fun idea.

Palm Tree Print Bottle Earring:


Blue color bottle cap is print with white palm tree. Cute style earring come in to final look with white pearl addition. Rich beauty of you release and earring allow you to wear with every style dress. Single pearl in each earring make these precious. Just imagine you wear the above define earring that will make pretty personality.

Statement Bottle Earring:


Bottle cap Statement earring like every modern lady. For crafting the statement erring you will need bottle cap, small ring style chain, hock, and useless earring end part. Just draw tiny home in bottle cap and with the help of hock hand the old earring part. And the next level hangs the chain at top right direction of below style. Clear image will create on your face when you wear statement ear jewelry.

Dough Flower Bottle Earring:


Pink color bottle cap earring get cute color contras and look interesting. Center of cap cut in scalloped style for hanging the silver bang. Top long chain fill with tiny pink and purple flower. You can match the earring with your pink dress that will make you fashion conscious lady. Easy style with pretty color gives love expression to you.

Layered chain bottle earring:


Red color bottle earring come into final look with ring chain. Silver layered chains with different length touch your neck. Small hock lifted with bottle cap for wear the earring in ear. On ever day base you can enjoy diy bottle earring and make your free time precious. Bottle earring Fun idea gives lots of entertainment.

Snowman face bottle earring:


Snowman face bottle earring are release cute beauty. You can also get bottle cap necklace with pair of white earring. Just pick up the bottle cap paint it and draw snowman face at the end hang stainless steel hock that can bear the bottle cap weight. Let’s go and enjoy white color bottle cap earring in cold season.
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