1 intellectual outdoor chess table (16)

Outdoor chess table is amazing recreation complement for chess lovers. Its interesting game let you feel fresh. Its mind game grabs your interest and don’t let to feel bore if you know how to play it. Chess table is necessary for playing either inside the house or in garden. Now different public places also facilitated with chess table with proper sitting arrangements. Here we bring adorable chess table ideas for outdoor placement let you keep tension free without damaging threat.

Wooden chess table:

It really interesting and attention grabbing furniture in home always grabs a friend to play with you. Wood and metal crafted square table have painted chess panel in center surrounded with extra space in side. Armless swivel chair fixed in paved floor for staining purpose. You can put larger bench instead of chairs or combine both chairs and bench according place availability.

Colorful chess table:

3 intellectual outdoor chess table (7)

Chess is amazing alternative to get rid from boring and longer summer noon.  You can spend your time in best way. Outdoor chess table is playful furniture in backyard and garden transform exterior decoration. Bright orange and white color square chess table design in modern way. Low length table   make it possible to play chess while sitting over greenery floor.  Colorful floor mattress set around the table for sitting purpose.  Look at the bottom different board set inside the table allow you to play your favorite game.

Modern outdoor chess table set:

4 intellectual outdoor chess table (1)

Arrange stylish and eye-catching chess table under shaded areas where you can play chess game in heated days. These tables are not just for playing purpose. Bring in different consumption. It gives you sitting space all the time either you play or not. You can enjoy delicious drink or tea with friends and family members. Higher chess table and geometrical shaped benches have weather resistance features let you free from tension of moving furniture in certain situation.

 Concrete chess and bench:

5 intellectual outdoor chess table (1)

Bring in stylish chess table to create uniqueness in backyard and public parts. Look at this concrete chess table and bench set in a park under the tree to provide joyful corner to chess lover where they improve their intellectual skills. Concrete constructed table and bench are too heavier hard to move and also have longer life then metal and wooden tables.

Concrete chess table with mosaic details:

6 intellectual outdoor chess table (9)

Are you looking for durable and reliable chess table and chair set? Try this lovely concrete furniture provide relaxed sitting, armless concrete chair seat also allure with black and white mosaic work. It’s unique and pretty style draw attention.

Printed metal chess table:

7 intellectual outdoor chess table (8)

Wow! Hack this colorful and eye-catching chess table to indulge opulent in patio, balcony and garden decoration. Hand painted flower and mosaic work give dramatic appeal, bright color bring in used to paint this circular metal chess table. It’s also adorable choice for outdoor placement.

Aluminum chess table:

8 intellectual outdoor chess table (14)

Enjoy classic game like chess in your backyard during summer days. Bring in attractive chess table and chair set other then chess board. It wills relief you from tacking board in and out of the house. Aluminum crafted adjustable glass top chess table and wood slat seat bench are lovely furniture for modern homes.
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