Living wall planting is an ingenious choice to pop-in natural accent when you do not have enough vacant place. Wall garden become intellectual trend create wow factor. Greenery packed walls really a bigger inspiration for modern home and commercial building owners.

Living wall also named such as vertical gardens, green wall pockets planters, Hydroponic gardens and wall mounted garden.  Living garden is smart choice to texture plain walls with natural source. Greenery play greater role to keep a human fresh and energetic. Watching green plants for longer time is good for sights but also lower down the stress level.

That’s why modern home owner tries to bring greenery inside the home especially in living and bedroom areas.  Garden wall are surprisingly incorporate in home interior and exterior decoration. Here we bring dreamy way to festooned wall naturally.

Porch living wall garden:


Vertical garden are fabulous option to insert lushly accent in visible areas of home such as porch, patio, lobbies, entrance way and living rooms.  Planting wall increase beauty of the home and provide cheerful surrounding. After looking this dreamy scene I’m sure you forget all the tensions and worries make you depressed throughout the day. Here this porch does not have enough space for horizontal garden that way adjacent wall breathtakingly packed with vertical garden.

Indoor vertical wall garden:


Lushy hydroponic plants and herbs best for planting wall mounted garden. It’s extremely gorgeous and heart touching indoor vertical garden refreshes the atmosphere of this working organization.  This luxurious lobby room fabulously adorn with living garden wall  and lighting fixture which positively motivate the employees and also inspired anyone who sit here,  hanging glass ball pendants and floor standing lit-up the garden areas which beautifully cover the statement wall of this room.

Vertical wall planter:


Here is another living wall bring uniqueness and opulence charm in this room. Its elegant waiting room delicately graced with refreshing garden wall, white low coffee tables and egg chairs. Oversize square frame set along the wall to plant vertical garden.  It’s playful compliment of this room. Love it.

Stunning wall mounted garden:


Mostly is sitting in mind that vertical garden is just for indoor decoration but in fact it wrong perception about it. You can incorporate this wow-worthy concept anywhere and any situations.  Adoring home entrance wall garden bound wall with vertical garden become fashion of the day. Adventurous Home owners show excitement while adopting this dreamy trend. Look here entire wall splendidly crowded the living wall mounted garden which also covers the patio area.

Ingenious living wall:


Living wall is a gift for these how love gardening but they have space to fill their wishes. Now it become possible to bring natural beauty in home either you have cultivated ground or not.  Take in your favorite hydroponic plant and grow the along the wall. It just needs a frame for inserting planters or container.  Different organizations also offer living wall motifs which also favorable solution to bring greenery.

Gorgeous vertical wall:


Texture block living wall is show the craftsmanship of the designer who made it.  Larger wall splendidly used to grow vertical garden. It’s statement wall of the porch area. You feel fresh while spending some time after long busiest day. Adjacent wall of this living wall allure with oversize mirror which reflect the garden wall.

Unique planter wall:


Grace empty walls by making wall mounted garden. In this way you indulge opulence and artsy vibe in home interior. Living wall garden is exotic choice to adorn stair wall which are more prominent in living areas, classical furniture and wall garden whimsically exquisite to adorn this foyer area.
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