Shaving pedestal or footrest is productive complement in feminine showers free you from hopping around on legs.  How crazy is it when you hop around one leg while shaving leg and suddenly you foot slip or you lose balance oh! Ouch!  Such sounds made by you when you fell on floor. It’s painful and imprudent   way of shaving legs. Modern and contemporary shower enclosure companies now recommended a proper place for shaving legs to relief you from shaky bending.  Hotel style leg saving pedestal bring ease in woman lifestyle. Shaving pedestal is also known as foot rest.  Here we bring fewest outstanding footrest showers that become   chic and elegant interior in modern shower enclosures.  ElevEase, Elevare and Sanliv are top dealer of shower accessories offer convenient and stylish footrest bars, stools and holders.

 Sanliv Chrome Bar Footrest:


Sanliv design this graceful and ultra-modern shaving leg   bar holder is   versatile addition in modern bathroom.  Solid-brass made   bar footrest look gorgeous in chrome finishing. Its durable and multifunctional footrest holder also works as towel holder.  Enjoy relaxed bathing with this fashionable, functional and playful shaving pedestal.

Cool Shaving   Footrest For Ladies:


It difficult to take support from slipping walls as you can’t jammed foot in corner frequently slip while shaving legs. You have to make struggle again and again.  Bring stylish and advanced foot pedestal in shower which provides non-slip spot for shaving legs.

Ultra-Chic White Acrylic Shaving Pedestal:


Shaving pedestal has dozens of benefits that you never imagine first.  Wall mounted   pedestal allow to perch feet during shaving legs. It brings ease in fashion conscious, pregnant, and artistic ladies ass well as for those people   feels pain in backbone

Shower Enclosure Shaving Footrest:


Footrest is multifunctional interior in both shower enclosure use for shaving, washing, exfoliating, and massaging. Most ladies bring it in use during nail clipping and applying nail varnish. Acrylic, brass, stainless steel and plastic made footrest stands are in spectacular designs do not need extra tools to fix it. These pedestals include adhesive strips and silicone seals which easily mounted to any surface.

Modern Wall Mounted Shaving Pedestal:


Acrylic constructed seashell inspired wall mounted shaving pedestals is shaped in angled designs to comfortable for feet also allow balance to legs.   You can fix with flat surface of bathtub or wall. It lovely pedestal carry enough weight about 200 kg.  It adds texture and inviting accent in shower enclosure designs with neutral tiles.

Elevare Dual Color Shower Corner Foot Rest:


This productive, elegant and non-slip shaving pedestal in white and red color is more beneficial for exfoliate or moisturize your legs in shower. It gives Comfortable posture without awkward balancing. Its plant surface can catch dirt or soap scum that why clean easily. Its glossy and colorful finishing attracts ladies.

Stunning Footrest for Shaving:


White and blue suction cup wall mounted legde is amazing designs of shaving pedestal set near bathtub and   in shower enclosures.  It permits easy and wider spot to rest foot when you shaving legs   and create balance with one leg.  This delicate footrest granted maximum comfort.