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Wind chime made with useless material include tubes, bells, tea set, rods, flower pots and other material that easily available at your home. These are hanging outside of home like In garden, porch, balconies and terrace. Wind chime create beautiful sound with that you become alert.

Toddlers like so much wind chime because it entertains them all time. Focal image of your home create with colorful wind chime that easy to make in free time. With this interesting activity you can keep busy your kids in summer. Look below!

Pearl & Keys Wind chimes:

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Brilliant wind chime kid craft made with pears and keys material. Cheap and unique wind chime bring lots of entertainment in your patio where everyone can easily look it. For above image wind chime what material need you can easily know. Earlier you have collect old keys now can use in this easy homemade wind chime. This colorful decoration piece when creates soft sound lovely feel you and other.

Garden Wind Chime:

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For your garden decoration you should select flower pots wind chime idea. At first paint your pots with your favorite colors and when dray hang with thick rope becomes in the metal rode. Colorful beads tassel visible bottom of pots that attract coming guest that at least one time enjoy your marvelous craft. In coming spring holiday you can keep your kids in this craft.

Copper Wind Chime:

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For this wind chime you collect two wooden circle and copper pipe with equal length. How oyu make and give perfect look to wind chime with material that earlier define take idea form above image. Hang beautiful wind chime in your porch where your kids like to sit and want to enjoy copper pipe sound. Loud sound of wind chime listen other person of home.

Kitchen Utensils Wind Chime:

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Use kitchen utensils for Diy wind chime like do in above image. Decorate the wind chime with sea shell, beads and fork. You can light up porch with wind chime with addition of light bulb inside it. Colorful wind chime focal image of your home. Loud sound of fork and beads give sweet sound that keep you happy in silent environment.

Water Can Wind Chime:

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Enjoy rustic watering can wind chime in back yard of home. Hang blue and green peacock color beads water drop in watering can that spark when the sun light hit these. Handmade watering can wind chime you can display with rode that can beads the weight. Unique look wind chime you can gift to any one and they will appreciate you. Genius craft safe the old material in new look.

Pine Cone & Pebbles Wind Chime:

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You can easily make dry twig wind chime that really interesting and eye-catch piece in your porch. Pine cone, pebbles and colorful wood beads with rustic rope hang in dry twig. Make a series with colorful tassel that balance of dry twig maintains. You can see cheap material used in this wind chime with that you toddler can entertain this summer.

Tea Set Wind Chime:

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Colorful polka dot print tea set is used for wind chime in above image. Below the tea set metal rode are used that always create loud sound. Close to home plant in corridor you can display the wind chime where it will keep in front of eyes.  When birds fly and hit the wind chime a sound create and you become alert. It’s playing idea for kids that live happy when listen sound and see colors.

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