Today we bring interesting decoration projects to encourage you for beautifying garden space with a fun factor. Greenery and colorful flower planting isn’t enough for garden decoration. There are countless ideas waiting for your attention.

Lovely landscaping, beautiful planter display, sitting arrangements and waterfalls are tradition way of adorning garden place. Do something whimsically different that make garden look even catchier. Scroll down page to get heart-touching plans for funky-chic garden makeovers.

Tire cup planter project:

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Sort out garage space I’m sure you find enough tire to make attractive planter to boost garden beauty in budget-friendly way.  Car tire painted in pink and white polka dot style which later se to form pretty tea cup. Ceramic soccer, big spoon style spade, tire cup and ceramic sugar cubic give perfect tea-party display.

Garden garage wall makeover:

3 wonderful garden project ideas (5)

Up-cycle old bike into funky planter stand for eye-catching garden decoration. You garden attached with garage wall then steal this lovely garden decoration hack for simple wall makeover. Colorful flower planter baskets set on bikes that look awesome with colorful butterfly decorations.

Stunning garden divider:

4 wonderful garden project ideas (7)

Sometime garden setup needs some extensions or partitions.  Look this charming garden divider plan. Simple boxy metal divider ingeniously upgraded into dreamy-chic element with tiny twigs and branches decorations.  Lively twigs inserts are adorable.

Water can sun catcher:

5 wonderful garden project ideas (10)

Diy sun catchers and wind chime are opulent element to shift garden decoration to next level. These elegant details let you feel amazing as well other advantages. Crystal and beaded string and watering pan crafted sun catcher is interesting source of reflecting lights. These sun catchers create lovely effects along light availability.

Funky birdhouse display plan:

Birdhouse is pretties addition in garden space which helpful in attracting litter feather creature looking for habitat. Sweet birds call say warmth welcome when you get ready in morning. Watch this festive bird display ideas. Vintage reclaimed wood ladder stand in flower bed to hold multiple bird’s houses. Greenery and flower causes to appeal birds.

Garden living wall:

7 wonderful garden project ideas (22)

Living wall is edgy trend of the season gain popularity due to it space saving advantages and jaw-dropping appeals.  You can call them vertical garden.  Plant succulent and airy plant if you have no enough ground space for proper gardening.  Lush-worthy succulent living wall collage makes everyone surprised.

Birds bathing bowl:

8 wonderful garden project ideas (13)

Garden is not just decorative space you play greater role in purifying environment naturally. Garden provide natural habitat to little creatures especially bird and insects. If you want more bird and butterflies in garden than provide fresh water and food in proper way. Look with charming ceramic bird bath bowl grabs more bird in summer.

Farming tools planter:

9 wonderful garden project ideas (15)

Farm house inspire garden decoration solution is right here.  Plants greenery in farming related containers such as water pan, buckets and later dram for statement elegance.

Pretty mushrooms:

10 wonderful garden project ideas (18)

Funky-chic diy mushroom is awe-inspiring idea for color pop-ups, white and red painted bowl positioned on wood stem for pretty mushroom finishing.

Wine-barrel fountain:

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Wine barrels, terracotta pot, gems and color wine bottle crafted fountain breathtacking solution to adorn garden corners in rustic style.
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