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It’s time to cover your stair with a perfect carpet to get a clean and clear look of home entrance. In mostly home stair are close to entrance so their decoration become as possible as other location. Your guest when enter in home see your stair.

According to your stair carpet need there are lots of design and color carpet in which you can select any one.  Mostly people like stair and floor carpet in same color and pattern. What will the best for stair carpet take ideas from our collection? Look below!

Black & White Stairs Carpet:

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Mostly staircase position built close the entrance the door where your coming guest first see. It really important for you to makes terrific look of your home staircase. You can dress up black and white strip carpet to your stair. With polka dot floor carpet you can match staircase strip print carpet. Most modern location of home become with these two colors selection.

Greige Stair Carpet:

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Wonderful interior for home stair is greige stair carpet fit with stainless steel rode. Black border lines highlight the width of soft carpet give warmth feelings when you walk with bare feet. Ivory stair and greige carpet is perfect combination. Sleek and shine stair carpet best suited for winter season. With natural wood flooring the color of stair carpet is perfect.

Colorful Stair Carpet:

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Make a bright entrance with colorful floor runner and stair carpet. Wait what comments pass your coming guest when see the carpets. On our old wood floor and alternate stair multi color printed carpet best suited. With a clean and clear environment of home dark color give new life and hopes. Now you can choose tan color furniture to arrange close the stairs.

Soft Stair Carpet:

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Decorate your hall way and stair with strip runner and stair carpet. Make a family photo collage on stair wall to inspire the coming guest. A simple hallway and white painted stair blush with gray, pink and yellow strip carpet. The effect of strip colored carpet will be positive for all. Home stair decoration with carpet is easy task give clean and clear space.

Tartan Carpet:

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You and your coming guest can become delighted with tartan carpet. Gorgeous statement become with checked print floor and stair carpet. It right idea to cover our stair give clean appearance. The tartan carpet trick keeps your home stair and floor plain. You can easily match your home window curtain, chair cushioning and covering, bed sheet and many others with tartan print carpet.

Red Stair Carpet:

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Modern and red farm house inspiration enhance with addition of strip stair carpet. With red wall and brown furniture the floor carpet is in light color. Geometric carpet clearly shows on white stair of farm house. Stair front decorate with book shelf and frame. How each and every thing arranges perfectly and make extra space see in above image.

Bold Strip Carpet:

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Lay down dark color strip print carpet on your home stair and floor. In white color home colorful carpet become attractive. Cool and fresh environment of your home like each one and especially your kids want to play here. Fantastic carpet gives an interesting entrance and you can make a photo collage on stair wall. Note down the location of strip carpet is same on floor and stair.

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