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I always share new ideas with you made with useless material that earlier you spoil or through in dustbin. Now save another thing that is terracotta also called clay pot. With this easy and enjoy able craft not only youngest also entertain the kids.

Just collect same of different size pots paint them and arrange in well manner that we show in our today collection. You can home craft for decoration purpose and some are useful. Not high materials used in terracotta Diy ideas just need simple paint. Look below!

Clay Pot Birdbath:

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You can enjoy birds by your Diy bath that is so easy tutorial. It’s a fun way for youth to utilize the old clay pot and create a birdbath. During summer need of water become intensive for birds as for human. You can paint the pots or simply arrange in perfect manner like do in image. Place the Diy birdbath in home garden where each bird can easily reach.

Clay Pots Wind Chime:

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For garden, balcony or tarace built a wind chime with the help of terracotta pots. Paint different size pots in nay pattern that you feel easy. Colorful terracotta pots arrnage in sequience and thick rustic rope pass from each pots. Bottom of wind chime some sterling silver spoon are showcased. Diy wind chime will get wide attention of coming people who muchimpress with oyur handmade craft.

Terracotta Pot Candle Holder:

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Enjoy full beach craft made with flower pots. Lovely art made with useless material give a unique look. Everyone will like candle holder that best suited to adorn the place where you are going to celebrate any party. What you should do for this candle holder learnt here. Paint the pot and give it a coat. Use glue to stuck starfish and rope. Top of top place a clay try and display big size candle with glass beads.

Terracotta Snowman:

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Beautiful snowman feel you cold in spring summer season. Different size Clay pot paint in white color with one black. Red and white candy art is prominent with white base. Red color knitted scarf tie in knot style neck of snow man. Black cap of snowman festooned with red grapes. Place the Diy snowman at home front door for decoration purpose.

Creative Use of Terracotta Pots:

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Enjoy creative function of terracotta how best used for displaying cupcake on Halloween event. Clay pots paint in orange color and Halloween image are also draw. Tiny flower branch adorn at top of pot where it clearly show. Orange and yellow yummy cup cake easily set around the cupcake. I hope coming guest like your terracotta pot Diy idea and appreciate.

Terracotta Pot Table:

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It’s your handmade and outdoor furniture made with terracotta pot. Little material used in crafting the table best suited with garden chair. Clay pot just paint in at least two colors and place close to chairs for serving water. This style of furniture keep you relax in bad weather and use for the long time. This summer must entertain your family with Diy terracotta furniture.

Terracotta Pot for Mini Barbecue:

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Terracotta pot easily fit in your picnic party to enjoy mini barbecue. Take start from clay pot just clean it. Next cut a metal mesh in circle and put aside the later. After that line the tinfoil in your put and make sure it covers the bottom tiny hole of pot. Pour charcoal inside the pot and light it and then put grill top. When it heat up start barbecue and impress other people.

Terracotta Pot Fish Bowl:

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Entertain your kids with terracotta easy craft that keep them busy during summer spare time. Assign them a work draw cartoon face over terracotta pot with the use of their favorite color. Keep the pot on the floor in downward movement to display fishbowl. You can even store bakery items inside the glass fishbowl where hand of your kids can easily reach.

Clay Pot Lighthouse:

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You need anything for height up the candlelight that scatters light in each corner of the home. We find solution inexpensive solution of your problem that so easy and amazing. Small to large size pots paint in same color in which candlelight. White color rope wrapped around each pot with gum. Vintage candle light interesting look and you can enjoy reading.
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