Hey Dear! Today here we bring interesting fun for you give attractive craft. Yes we are talk about Diy suitcase in which you can safe your budget, tell other about your skill, entertain coming guest. You can do different things with old suitcase that we share in below Images. You will see bed side table, wall decoration, book storage, pet bed, and so other in our today collection. Look below!

Old Suitcase Wall Decoration:

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Diy suitcase is incredible idea to decorate your home wall with old suitcase. You can display different items on each suitcase that best showing and attract people. With baby blue wall paint you’re any color suitcase best showing. Coming people can’t imagine about your amazing craft but when look can shock.

Corner Bookshelf with Diy Suitcase:

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You can up cycle your old trunk into room corner book shelf. Natural wood paint small legs are crafted under the suit case to maintain best level of book shelf. Not only books can store or display inside the suit case also enjoys decoration pieces. You can easily clean and change the direction of suitcase whenever need arise.

Old Suitcase Coffee Table:

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Old suitcase coffee table may be big surprise for you and your coming guest. Entertain your guest during winter with coffee or drink in summer with suitcase table serving idea. A fun furniture piece can gain with under metal v-shape legs. With this craft you can assure other about your skill and talent.

Vintage Trunk Recycle Bed Side Table:

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Now you can save your budget with vintage trunk bed side table idea. Excellent idea of recycling the old suitcase to decorate your bedroom items over the table. You create artistic decorate bedroom that dream of every one. Bamboo legs are defined under the suitcase to make it real bed side table look.

Old Suitcase Chair:

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Convert your old suitcase into chair form that best suit for a single person. Inside the suitcase upholster seat and back is seat with additional cushion idea. White color legs of chair are contras with black suitcase. Arrange the suitcase chair in living room with round table. Your toddler like so much the recycle plan of suitcase and want to set more time on it.

Vintage Suitcase Dock Station:

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Electronic charging station made with old suitcase. Top of suitcase arrange with scrapbook paper that create attractive impact. At a time you can store two to three mobile phones for charging. Around the suitcase decorate flower vase, pencil holder jar. You can easily remove the suitcase charging box from the table when clean it.

Recycle Suitcase Pet Dog Bed:

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For your loving friend arrange a comfy bed that you can easily get with old suitcase recycling idea. This one suitcase bed protects your dog from cold during winter. Relax spot for your dog is cheap idea that can every one enjoy with vintage suitcase. Back of suitcase you should make in which you can store dog accessories.

Suitcase Planter:

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High length suitcase planter display is also good for hidden storage. Top of suitcase you can enjoy home inside planters. You can place the suitcase planter display in your home balcony.  No can find easily your personal storage that you have store in suitcase.

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