As men are independence in their life women also need to follow them to get their right and also get the attention of men. Women always appealing something about a person that give him lots of care and love. Women independency is first step to melt a man. Men are seeking women to build a batter future with don’t want a woman need support.


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Women great confidence first attracts a male when she survives in the world. Women must say confidently say to men that I feel safe with you amazingly man melt his heart for you. It will compel a man to give attention on your physical strength. Women confidently give answer of every question of man.


3 Being-caring-and-nurturing

Men and women both want honesty in their relation. Women honesty mush inspires the man and bring his heart close to you. Men want a woman that will remain be honest in every part of life. Woman that shows her honesty win the heart of a man and keep comfort both them.

Pride in yourself:

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It’s so different from others you need to communicate, dressing, exercising, get best health to melt the men heart and get her more love and care. Keep confident; be aware of how you can present yourself when you meet the men. Having a strong sense is also a great quality to attract the men attention.

Being caring and nurturing:

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Men want to feel they are scared but women don’t present her slf as much domestic. Instead of that woman shows concern, willing to give man comfort and love.

Being passionate:

6 Expressing-her-opinions

Men want a passionate women that showing her ability, care and about something. She use passion for us but people without a passion say him so simple.

Establish eye contact:

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Hold her gaze for just a time it will show that you are interested. After you see don’t pass too eager and make clear that you are happy, when he starts first make conversation. Once again time man sees you don’t for get to pass a smile, smile and smile! Smile but don’t over think because it will disturb you. Your smile must be nature and frequent, try to make smile when you don’t happy. You will see batter result.

Don’t be afraid to be funny:

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When you make talking don’t knock jokes, and afraid if the environment is appropriate. Men don’t like a woman that take herself too serious, show best confidence. You should also don’t show perfect confidence it will show that you are more secure about self.

9-Honestyhonest Fotolia_42834957_Subscription_Monthly_M-1024x825 Honesty

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