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Day to day technological changes also change people taste and demand. They leave one thing and move to get best one. But our people don’t know how make best use of old material with recycling process. Computer brings worldwide change in people life but it also becomes useless material after long time use. What you should do with its parts in which we talk about keyboard keys.

Don’t throw your keyboard I dustbin and store learn it recycle project. You and other give lots oof entertainment through keys. You can made lots of things with keyboard keys like jewelry, things storage holder, clock, photo frame, paperclip, cufflinks, and table mat. Look below!

Keyboard Keys Smart Holder:

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Recycle computer keys into smart holder in which you can store all type things. Take a plastic glass and useless keyboard keys material use for this craft. With glue gun arrange all keys around the glass from top to bottom and get a final look of holder. What image you are going to craft see in above image. You can utilize it as pencil or scissor holder. Very interesting craft grab people attention when enter in your room.

Recycle Keys Photo Frame:

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I realize to share keyboard keys photo frame with you. You can start this tutorial by old keys, photo frame size, black paint, glue gun and sandpaper. Paint the frame and then paste each key with glue gun. Make sure all keys arrange correctly and become dry before inserting the glass paper and photo. Now you get a final look of photo frame that is easy and quick craft.

Keyboard Keys Necklace:

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Women can craft amazing jewelry with keyboard keys that is cost less and timeless project. You can select keys that your favorite like “love” letter keys or ctrl, alt and delete. For this necklace preparation you need sterling silver ring chain and needle like long pin in which keys can adjust in a series. Enjoy easily keys necklace around collar neck of button front shirt.

Recycle Keyboard Keys Mirror:

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You need this art work to spend your free time in summer vocation. Your family member also entertains with your art work when you start in front of that. Display all keyboard keys around mirror frame in same of different colors. Unique and visible image in your living room attract coming guest. Budget saving craft can each one perform without any hurdle.

Keyboard Keys Shirt Button:

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Computer keyboards keys use help you to reduce you wastage material. With little effort you can create a new look that can inspire people and they want to copy you. No need to buy new shirt button just remove your old keyboard keys and make them smooth to stitch on your shirt.  Computer keyboard black keys on denim shirt are perfect combination to wear casually.

Keyboard Keys Keychain:

Create keyboard keys keychain fun craft for all. Teen age like this craft that can made quickly. Electric wires cross inside the keys and make secure in sterling silver circular ring. End of key chain showcased a little golden heart with love signature. Not down in above keychain home letter are used as compare to it love letter also best.

Computer Keyboard Key Cufflinks:

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Enjoy your dear one keyboard key cufflinks that you have craft.  Page up ad page down keyboards keys are selected for cufflinks. Visible black color cufflinks with under silver stud easily adjust in sleeve cuff.

Keys Paperclip:

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Recycle gray keys into paperclip to secure your personal or office documents. Jumbo size clip attach with A B C keys best suited for office use. Daily use paperclip easily made in which glue gun is base material after keyboard keys.

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