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Christmas is joyful festival come with lots of happiness and fun. Feast and tea parties are real excitement of Christmas celebrations. It’s best plan to give warmth welcome to holiday celebrations. After inviting friend and families second things come in mind is what to do next.

Party should be class out that stay fresh in mind until next holiday come. Make your event even more special and cozy with elegant and catchy coffee bar. Winter is other name of chill. Your guest needs something hot.

Coffee bar is good thing bring extra smile on their faces. Coffee with sweats, desserts, candies and marshmallow unleash an opportunity to spend cheerful moment together. Decorate hot coffee or coca bar for holiday celebration. Flip through the page to get ideas about Christmas home coffee bar.

Hot chocolate and bubbly bar:

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Choose a cover to make individually coffee bar to serve guest. This will definitely give special feel. Regular severing cart ingeniously convert in to hot chocolate and bubbly bars. You make more fun and cheers right here.  Drinks and coffee both things added to entertain guest.

Country-chic coffee bar:

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Rustic-chic reclaimed wood tiered tray involve in decoration home coffee bar. Some garden greenery and pine come added for decoration purpose. This coffee bar is enough for small family entertainment. I love the way of arrangement. Really it’s perfect thing to ‘create your own Happiness’.

Christmas special coffee bar:

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Special celebrations need special decoration. Make you Christmas day even more joyful and excited with such interesting decoration. Recall own creativity and make heart-touching coffee station. Red is dominating color added through Christmas tree, bunting, crockery and even sweats and dessert also bring in red and white. Vintage wood palate board pinch regal charm.

 Hot cocoa and coffee bar:

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With little change you can transform casual tee corner into Christmas special.  Floating shelf and wall mounted cup organize look fabulous.

Holiday special coca bar:

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Corner space over counter top is best space   hot coca station makeover. Don’t need to worry about special placement.  Make diy cards and hand with clothing pins for tagging. White and red Christmas special coffee cups, snowman marshmallows and red candy sticks jars set in tray prep for quick and frequent serving.

Wood Tray Diy Coffee Bar:

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Christmas is day of happiness. Guest comes for greeting and fest. You haven’t enough time to set tray for guest for coffee and drink serving. Diy coffee bar is smart decision for quick and easy serving. Simply set coffee related items in tiered coffee tray also with Christmas decorative ornament. It makes wonderful centerpiece if you set on Kitchen Island or dining table.

Lovely tiered coffee bar:

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Definitely this is what you dreamed for winter holiday celebration knocking at the door.  Red, white and green are basic palettes relates to Christmas celebration and all these same here in diy tiered tray coffee station.

Hot coca bar:

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Rattan table brilliantly involve in making home coffee bar. It will make you say ‘Woah’. Penguin face coffee cups, chicken wire basket, bottles sweet containers, Christmas centerpieces and pom-pom decorative chalkboard are adorable items make complimentary hot coca station.
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