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Decorating wall with greenery is incredible ideas that going hit during this season. This way you can accent home with natural tones. Nature in human friend, lots of greenery inside home keeps you fresh all the time you spend inside the home.

When eyes see green mind and soul automatically get revitalized. Greenery wall is inspiration trend that turn home in natural habitat. Wall accent with fresh green plants is known as vertical garden and living wall.

First the idea just used to allure outdoor garden or kitchen wall where herb grows for all time accessibility. Later it shifts inside the home especially in bedroom, Living room and sunroom even these inspirations reach to architectural commercial building lobbies, corridors and entrances.

Artificial greenery wall also introduced for those who are not in favor of maintaining real greenery walls. Now choice is yours.

Eye-catching greenery wall:

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Awe-inspire greenery wall is spectacular idea to allure outdoor porch wall decoration Boxy planter hand on wall in unique style which looks appealing to eyes multiple flowers grows to add texture and elegance. Such garden work best if you are keen of growing succulent and airy plants but have no suitable space on ground or there is greater chance of damaging.

Outdoor greenery porch wall:

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This is how I want to tell you. You can convert porch deck into lively lounge area by bring outs rattan furniture and other decorative elements. Open sky, fresh air and lots of greenery make summer evening gathering even more pleasant.  Grassy flooring around wooden deck looks awesome as well as drop-dead gorgeous lively vertical garden wall facilitated as statement lounge wall.

Greenery moss stairway wall:

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Modern home interior demands something very special and innovating. Adoring stair way wall with wall papers, photos collage and mirror become old fashion. Here we introduce whimsically appealing idea that captures tongue. Very innovative and fresh greenery moss stairway wall give forest –like feeling. It’s playful plan to bring outside flavor inside the home.

Dining room living wall:

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Black and white theme home impressively furnish in natural inspirations. Ground floor partitioned in kitchen that open in living room and also linked with dinning sections. It pent house style home where everything available under single roof.

Modern furniture, wooden flowing and black divider bring opulence in home ambiance.  Vertical garden wall is catchy addition that perfectly blends with home interior because nature is for everyone.

Behind the sofa greenery wall:

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Hold your heart when look such an amazing greenery wall. Greenery wall is not limited to home and commercial building decoration now it also involve in event decorations. Lively wall in background create magical glance that put decoration on the edge. Here greenery wall fascinated with mirror collage white tend you to drop jaws.

Greenery wall headboard:

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Greenery wall insert as in headboard in bedroom allow you to feel natural charm when you close eyes and open them in next morning. LED light fall on greenery fake moss headboard generate cozy ambiance.

Portable greenery wall:

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Vertical wall is wonderful creation by humans. This is that every person need who love with nature especially greenery, vertical garden gown in white lacquered fishing sculpture planters having a board with mini pocket planters.  It works as divider. You can move it anywhere according to interior theme requirement.

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