Mobile phone holder becomes necessary for everyone in home or office. Diy phone holder safe your budget and give you lots of entertainment that also like others. If you are art master then within short time you can easily craft your best one mobile phone holder. Fabric, metal, and wood holder are include in our collection. For your smart phone these holder are perfect. With some holder you can also store other things like watch and bike keys. Look below!

Jeans Cell Phone Charging Holder:

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Get an old jean pocket for cell phone charging holder. A long strap like hand bag stitch with pocket for hanging over the plug.  Budget idea you can easily craft at home if you are tailored master. Not need to buy any material from market because everything available mostly in each home. Your cell phone remains safe from dust and you can easily charge it without any floor support.

Led Pencils and Rubber Band Phone Holder:

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This pencil and rubber band creation is the result of tent-building. Pencil mobile holder is fun idea that can impress others when look it. Equal length pencils are band with elastic features rubber band. You can place the mobile phone in as direction that you can see it every time.

Fur Bean Bag Phone Holder:

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Warmth and fluffy fur covered beanbag phone holder give a toy look. You toddler want to pick up in hands due to soft feel these holder. You can enjoy colorful environment under these phone holders. Select your favorite print fluffy velvet or fringe cloth for wrapping the small size holders.

Wood Log Phone Holder:

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Small size Natural wood log center line and half cut it. Wood log center cut should not as deep hat mobile screen cover inside. You can place the wood over the table or close of you where you are doing your work. Amazing idea of Diy phone holder keeps safe your budget. I hope you first time entertain with this wood log mobile phone holder creation.

Cork Phone Holder:

6 creative diy phone holder (6)

You can make a table holder with cork material. Cork phone holder homemade way to reuse the wine cork may be wonderful idea for wine lover.  What’s a surprise? That fit for your smart phone or ipad.  Little material used in Diy phone holder within short time.

CD Phone Holder:

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Listen! Don’t throw the old CD material that earlier you have collect to see different movies. These old CD are call Diy idea for mobile holder. You need a candle, sharpie, scissor, matches, and a CD and built phone holder. If you are art master then it’s not difficult for you to understand this CD phone holder Diy idea.

Reclaimed Pallet Phone Holder:

8 creative diy phone holder (3)

The small piece of wood pallet phone holder make easy finding the things that you need to go outside. Your watch, bike keys, and mobile phone all are necessary items without that you cannot go outdoors. Shifting the wood pallet is also easy where you want and easy to clean.
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