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Bring is creative lights to get attractive home backyard. Solar lights are wonderful solution to lit-up garden space. Garden decoration looks more beautiful at night in lights.  Solar lights are fabulous material for flower bed, garden walkways and driveway decoration. Solar light are in different style vast in vintage, traditional, contemporary and modern style.

Novelty base solar light are superb choice for festive garden decoration yet they are costly. Go for budgeted solution. Make you tradition solar light more attractive through diy decoration. Follow us to get instant ideas.

Sunflower welcome stake solar light:

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Sunflower solar light is wonderful decorative element for spring and summer decorations.  Solar light pole ingeniously convert into welcome stake. Extra Shovel, welcome board and face sunflower vine used to festoon solar light pole.  Shove end adjust to make lovely bottom while flower and leafy vine wrap around the wooden pole and ended just below the light head. It’s playful solar light for garden decoration.

Vintage-chic wagon wheel solar light:

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Artistic and playful solar lights are superb alternative for garden decoration. These lights not only light up the garden space but also look attractive in daylights. Here we bring eye-catching vintage-inspire solar light decoration. Wooden sculpture post carry vintage solar lantern which reveal green light. Semi cut wagon wheel is real element put in front to get statement results.

Disney land gnome solar light:

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Convey your garden into fairy land by incorporating novelty-base garden light. Solar light are cost effective option give charming compliment to statement garden decoration. Disney land tree work as light holder which carries solar light heads. Tiny swing drops down from the dress stem on which gnome sit to complete the sense.

Rustic plus vintage solar lights:

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Awesome! Hack this funky idea for special event celebration. Simple solar light pole doesn’t looks attractive and also affect the whole exterior decoration. Raw edge wooden slice, tree stem, metal stars and nandina bush branches flawlessly involve decorating solar light installed at garden entrance gate. Wooden slice is for base while stat embellished tree log cover the pole on which solar light head fixed nicely.

Wooden pile solar light decoration:

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Reclaimed drift wood polished tree long dramatically piled to make festive garden light. Strongly make a pile by taking different sizes wooden looks and rope.  Each log is for individual fixture. Select higher point for solar lamp, middle point for bird placement and wooden engraved welcome note for last one. Its interesting decoration idea also attracts birds in living garden.

Here we bring more ideas which clarify that how you can bring twist in solar light garden decoration through piling.

Mail box solar light decoration ideas:

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Hack this lovely solar light plus mailbox holder which transform exterior decoration.  Vintage wooden stand surrounded with round flower bed from base that looks awesome.  Black painted mailbox and tiny solar light fixed to get desire results. It which catches the attention come to uses stunning mailbox.

Inviting tower garden solar light decoration:

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Do something creative that would create wow-factor while decorative garden solar lights. Solar lights make garden decoration more attractive in dark.  Glowing light feel like burning flies who leads the way.  Botanical tower solar lights are whimsically interesting idea draw attention when someone stepped in garden.  Diy wooden crafted tower fixed in flower bed filled with different plants. It holds three sola light lamps in tired style without covering extra space.

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