In case of bookshelf it does not matter you read books or not. Just think about how these look when beautifully arrange in shelves. Books are your dear friend and help you in free time. Like you involve in some problem if you have books you can easily get best information to resolve the certain situation. Search our smart ideas about book shelf that make with natural material.

Our books shelf ideas are best suited for a big size home or mall apartment. You can select any idea according to space and need. In these shelves number of books can display that show your interest and impress others.

Awesome Book Shelf:

2 wall bookshelf design (2)

It’s a square shape book unit that consider perfect for small houses. You can enjoy your own reading books shelf with front seat. It give you relax feelings. In you small apartment you can get above image style book shelf in hall way. All books are stored in one direction but easy to attain. Durable and removable book shelf can construct in short budget.

Book Tree:

3 wall bookshelf design (14)

Nature inspire architecture looks book tree grab quickly attention of other. In wood or marble floor you can build the tree with number of branches that used as shelves. You can easily display family photo frame, books, and candle holder. Unique image in your home show your architecture interest. It’s an interesting style of book tree perfect for summer afternoon reading.


4 wall bookshelf design (4)

These v-shape book shelves are as look as you grow small plan in your home floor. Wood pallets are used for construction of book shelf at home. Creative style book shelf has different length from low to high on that you can display books as you like.

Your kids can get books from low shelf to read them. For this kind of book shelf you require little budget not much. Wood shelf has long life but you can remove after some time if you want to bring change in your home.

Wood Check:

5 wall bookshelf design (12)

These wall hanging wood made checks are showing the importance of books. Through starting v-shape you can save your books that you need on daily base. One check can hold the two to three books at a time. Before hanging the wood check on wall you should draw square shape with black pen. With this borderline you become care full about check showing on spot.


6 wall bookshelf design (7)

In above image CTLine is not basically look book shelf but its art style. Natural material made multi shelf are arranged diagonally in which book are as save only one side show. You can get above book shelf design in your study room or living room. Low and high book shelf are paint in same color that use for home walls. Number of books can easily store in book shelves.

Cold Cloudy Book Shelf:

7 wall bookshelf design (13)

It’s your day dream cloudy book shelves enjoy back wall of sofa seat. Inspire this summer with dream book shelf that has different size. This comic style bookshelf is perfect for small to big size books. You can showcase your books in two shapes like do in above image. Creative style of book shelf is really amazing that attract kids to read out their favorite books.

Read Spelling Book Shelf:

8 wall bookshelf design (1)

Study environment create in your home with read spelling style book shelf idea. Above image book storage or display shelf design effected for those who love with books. This one big size English letter shelves best suited for your home or school library. You can even divide the books into different section. Select each letter for specific topic of books.

Bat-Shaped Bookshelf:

9 wall bookshelf design (11)

Bat-shaped book shelf idea is perfect for player. Yellow paint batsman bat-shaped book shelf can show at high length. You can show number of books in one direction. Bat-shape make with natural material so it durable. Depend on your mood where you want to display book shelf. It need little but open space from where you can easily get your require books.
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