Diy projects are effective solution to make stylish and playful, develop in your mind. Diy project is best thing to bring creative ideas into actual shape that will attract everyone. Candle consider essential decorative element.

Lantern, hurricane, votive and candle holders are fabulous details bring in used to give functional and secure life to candle. Handmade candle holder, create by own, bring deep smile on your face when something say positive remarks about it.

Diy candle holder are in endless variety decorate with different material such as wood pieces, paper, glass, bottles, lace, crochet dollies, paint and glitter. Here we bring easy yet inspiring diy candle holder let you think beyond mason jars candle holders.

Cinnamon  stick candle holder:

2 creative diy candle holders (16)

Dry tree, Bamboo and cinnamon stick become alluring raw material used to fascinate simple and boding candle. You can create romantic candleholder by own within budget and minimal time. Look this chunky candle holder that design with cinnamon sticks.

Tiny cinnamon sticks irregularly arranged around candle and tie up together with jute string. Rustic inspire cinnamon stick candle holder is impressive details for special event and home decoration.

Vintage bowl diy candle holder:

3 creative diy candle holders (19)

Bring out vintage brass bowl give them productive live. Classical and vintage-inspire candle holders greatly influence home interior decoration. Floral decorated metal bowl candle holder crate warmth feeling. I love these romantic candle holders, do you?

Recycle Glass bottle candle holder:

4 creative diy candle holders (18)

Recycle empty wine bottle into festive candle holder without spending extra budget. Transparent glass bottle ingeniously transform into opulent candle stick holder. Fill bottle with fresh water and place pine needles in it. Now close the bottle end by tucking in candle stick.  You can use different filling material according to decoration theme.

Easy diy seashell candle holder:

5 creative diy candle holders (3)

Are you keen of collection seashell especially conch shell that you are so lucky. Bring them collectable sea shell in consumption and give them purposeful life. Here conch shell beautifully converts into candle holder. Simply melt tealight and pure them into shell as shown in above photo.

Diy birch wood candle holder:

6 creative diy candle holders (6)

Accent your home in natural way to feel pure feel of elegance and beauty. Birch wood decorated candle holder pops in captivating charm aesthetically romantic candle holders design in home through diy project. Transparent glass taken as base while heart cutout birch wood used to make adorable outer covering, tealight that glow up in candle holder also illuminate the heart that look flawless.

Walnuts shell tealight candle holder:

7 creative diy candle holders (5)

Walnut is tasty dry fruit productive in health prospective as well as decorative benefits. Walnut shell richly involve in diy projects. This time we bring charming walnuts shell tealight candle holders. Simply take clean walnut shell and fill them with melting candle wax to crate tiny candle holders. It fills coziness in entire surrounding and also creates wow-factor.

Paper decorative candle holder:

8 creative diy candle holders (1)

Easy and fun making diy projects attract everyone who love with art and creativity. Home decoration doesn’t mean you bring expensive decoration pieces. You can create adorable things at home without spending extra money. Look these festive paper decorated candle holder made in different sizes to hold different candle.

It’s alluring method to upcycle simple glass holder in new one.  White paper that cut in thousand in u-shape wrap around tall vase after bending little flaps to upside. You can use plain white or colored paper of your own choice.

Wood slice tealight candle holder:

9 creative diy candle holders (15)

Eco-friendly and cost effective candle holder is become common decorative ingredient. What every type of decoration it can’t be completed without candles and candle need a holder to stand smoothly. Here we bring charming candle holder perfectly unify with Charismas party decoration.

Rustic inspire tiny candle holder crafted with natural wood slice. Wood try decorated with red berries, needle leaves and red tealight is ready to grace dinning or coffee table charm.
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