Changing dressers into table is quick idea that fit for every home. With this idea you can continue use your old furniture that made with natural wood. Paint the dresses and set the new space with top decoration or display. You can enjoy lamp, books, flower vase like storage over the dresser that convert into table. These multi functional dresses can also arrange in nursery room. Look below and inspired with our dresses and table ideas.

French Style Mint Paint Dresses & Table:

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Decorate your nursery room with French style mint paint dresses that use at a time as table. Gray and white strip pattern wall paint with front mint table give opulent appearance to nursery room. Dotted pink nursery for baby girl is store over the table. White round style wall hanging mirror reflect the light when you illuminate the room and present back environment when you are front of mirror.

Entryway Black Dresses & Mirror:

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Make glamorous beauty in your room with black dreses and table. Crystal handle are design with each drawers of dresses that blush due to black to surrounding in black dresses. Top of dresses photo frame, fake flower vase, lamp, cnadle holder and some books are display to enjoy chic beauty. wall hanging square form mirror frmae also in black match with your dresses and table.

White Dresses And Table:

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Now you can use your home dresses for multi purpose. Here we bring idea to chande the dresses into table for display the kids room ccessories. White color dresses set in right hue of kids study room. Side open drawers of dresses are used to sotre books with top smooth surface. Homemade art frame and bright pink color lamp make the top environment fabolous.

White And Duck Egg Color Dresses:

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An old dreses now you can use for one another function like table. Paint your old dresses in white and duck egg color with this it will get orignal shape. Glass knobs of drawes are same as earlier and give blush beauty. stainless steel flower vase highly spark with white base of dresser.

Gray Dresseser & Table:

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On natural wood floor vintage style dressesr convert into table to create focal image. You can set the dresses in your home entry way with top lamp and candle light display. Green leaves and yellow flower combination make in cutelook brown pot. Vintage style old dresses make chic appearance with bright background.

Mitchel Art Dresser Display:

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Coloful dipslay is play between blue paint dresses and mitchell art. Pnik books, white duck and coloful flower vase give a delightful decoration. Its unique and bright space that attract the others. Blue dresses in table form and face art all can enjoy with mint wall paint and dark floor. Clear and clean dresser and table make focal image in your home.

Gold Handle Dresses In Nursery:

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Love with dresses beauty that become only with gold holder. Chande the dresses into table with top decoration of different objects. Long basket with green plant vase give a perfect space. Natural wood dresses in dark paint solve your sotrage and display problem. you can set the dresses and tale in nursery room.
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