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Looks around you when stand in front of vanity. Is your bathroom vanity containing all essential? Oh you forget to bring toothbrush holder to organize toothbrush and toothpaste. Majority of us forget to buy a brush holder. Don’t be obsessed.

We have an idea create your own toothbrush holder at home if you are not interested in costly toothbrush available in marker. These are endless diy projects offered to make interesting toothbrush holder without budget.

Some diy budgets allow converting extra material in purposeful toothbrush holder without spending a penny. Scroll down page and find the best one which perfectly matches with bathroom interior decoration.

Plastic bottle toothbrush holder:

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Recycling waste material becomes a trend. People are familiar about the way of turning useless material in functional properties. This stunning brush holder is one of my favorite diy craft. Just collect related material, plastic bottles, glue gun and cutter, and transform them in adorable working object.

First cut bottle at from end closer to bottom and then cut the topper in required size. Now take three or four extra bottles of different size and cut their heads. Cutout the topper in requite size and connect it with bottom half. Finally paste other heads in desire hole with hot glue gun. It’s ready to glance you bathroom vanity.

Diy drying pegs holder:

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It cost effective and handsome idea to bring uniqueness in sink area decoration. These toothbrush holders tightly grip brushes and also create cute feel that withdraw attentions. Bring out extra laundry drying clip, also named as pegs and clothespin, to create toothbrush holder without any effort. Clothespin is adorable contraption have not function when keep free in drawer or boxes but you can enhance incredible benefit trough different diy projects.

Denim jeans pocket family toothbrush holder:

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Are you closets stuffed with extra pair of denim jeans? Bring them out and convert them in toothbrush holder. Cut out pocket from jeans and also unstitched thin strip from the waistline. Now tailored strips with pocket and hang them with hooks mounted on bathroom wall and door. Individual pocket is crafted for each member. Personalized pocket with the person make whom it belongs.

Wall mounted Mason jar toothbrush holder:

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Vintage wooden slates and Mason jar ingeniously transform in wall mounted toothbrush holder. This brush holder provides dry space to organize brush and toothpaste. Transparent mason jars, Metal rings and wooden board are basic material use in this diy project. Make holes in wooden board and fit Mason jar tightly gripe with metal adjustable ring.

Counter top toothbrush holder with Mason jar:

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Simply clean extra Mason jar and put it over the vanity counter top, near the sink, to hold toothbrush and paste. Don’t be worried if you not satisfied from Mason jar holder.  Find out extra toothbrush not suitable for further consumption and suction cup. Flexible Plastic toothbrush which easily bends is right for this project. Now roll brush just show in picture and attach it with suction cup through hot glue gun.

Metal Lid cover toothbrush holder:

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Butte cover is another alternative to create wall mounted tooth brush holder without spending extra money. Larger bottle lid cover either in plastic or metal is perfects this task. Cutout smaller segment with box cutter from side used to hold the brush and insert a hook in center to fix the holder on wall. One button cap is for one toothbrush. Now it’s time to paint the cover. Choose your favorite spray color to paint.

Sisal wrap tin diy toothbrush holder:

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Recycle old tin or empty jar in now one through diy projects.  Cubby sisal robe tightly warp around the tin after removing it lid to shape eye-catching rustic or nautical inspired toothbrush holder. You can add more details just like it colorful yarn thread also wrap around sisal robe to bring color accent.
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