Personalize your working space and desk in your own way to make it even more effective and comfortable for working.  Give help with easy diy project to add personal touch without spending extra budget.

Handmade paperweight under diy projects is fantastic way to de-clutter desk stuff nicely when you work. Piles of papers can easily put in place through heavy mass paperweight. Most of time you feel it unnecessary but actually not paperweight are elegant piece look fabulous as a decorative compliment.

If you not want others match your personality with messy desk than go for a paper weight. It will help you hold papers even in tornado hits. Here we have interesting paperweight, also look beautiful, as deck de-cluttering hack for home and office workspace.

Clay Pyramid paperweight:

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Fun-making and whimsically interesting paperweight wait for your attentions. It’s so simple. Dazzle your desk space by making pyramid paperweight. It motivates you ever. White clay first added in pyramid mold for perfect shape. You can make with hands. Stick in crystal or agate stone when clay per weight is moisturized enough. Leave it to dry at natural atmosphere. Paint crystal in favorite hues.

Concrete paperweight:

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Easy and inexpensive diy paperweight is durable article for your office. Unique shape appeals anyone.  It too simple quickly made in home. Take a mold or empty disposable cup and pour concrete mixture in it. Leave it for enough time until it dry smoothly.

Take it out of mold and paint it golden spray. Here is another tick for you. Set thumbnail pins in cup bottom as show in picture before pouring concrete mixture. This way you can pop in versatility and statement elegance in work station organization.

Glittery resin cupcake paper holder:

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Organized desk with glittery glam is inspiration idea that will bring sweet smile when you work here.  Refreshing tones keep mind fresh and also effective in improving human efficiency.  Sparkly resin cupcake paperweight is lovely solution.

Simply pour resin mixture in silicone cupcake mold with chunky glitter additions, completely fill mod with resin and let it for 10-15 mints. Finally peel it over. You edgy paperweight is get ready to work. You can do minimal diy projects during lunch break.

Colorful sprinkle paperweight:

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Create something brighter and funky to decorate your desk. It’s interesting thing for all age personalities especially kids and teenagers. Sprinkles and cloches made paperweight is motivational element. Spray one cloche with paint and keep other transparent. Fill clear cloche with gumball, any other, and close it with lid. Now connect both cloche by applying glue and cover seas with washi tape.

Decorative crystal paperweight:

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Diy floral decorative Crystal paperweight is smart solution of upgrading simple paperweight into festive one. Here are limitless paperweights introduced in market the true happiness come through personal achievement.  Adorn crystal paperweight with favorite prints, texture and fillings.

Door knobs paperweight:

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Fun and creativity staple for each other. You feel excite while doing something interesting and unusual. You can better represent the world in own way. Diy door knob paperweight is playful thing magically convert into festive diy paperweight.

Minimal cost conveys maximum advantages. Simply paint door knob   and do anything you have in mind. Here color-blocked and ombre painted door knob paperweights   set for fun-making purpose.

Wooden box diy paperweight:

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Wooden box or cubic are amazing material for diy paperweight and book end making. Seriously you get flawless results. Opt to printed sheet or adorn it with chalkboard paint to convert simple wood box in elegant paperweight.
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