1 fabulous diy floor lamps (9)

Brighten up home space with personally style floor. Diy floor lamp is creative and fun-making ideas let you bring uniqueness in home interior along with enduring functionality. Floor lamps are opulent item to fill empty space here it’s difficult to put table top or hanging pendent lights.

Floor lamps that can easily craft at home save you money and time.  Choose your favorite diy lamp form following which match your personality.

Tree stems diy floor lamp:

2 fabulous diy floor lamps (16)

Interesting and cost less diy floor lamp bring nature tone  in home interior which create cozy feeling. Tree stems incredibly upcycle into festive floor lamps to treat bedroom corner for reading and napping purpose.  Lamp not only brightens up room space but also develop wow factor.
3 fabulous diy floor lamps (2)

Another tree stem floor lamp fills room surrounding with dramatic tones.  Naturally bend tree stem beautifully upgraded in floor lamp by hanging down burlap design round lamp shed.  It will look flawless in every interior either rustic or modern. Wood floor lamp is spectacular accessory for bohemian homes.
4 fabulous diy floor lamps (6)

Show you personality by crafting lovely floor amp. Wooden diy floor lamp reveals warmer vibe which transforms simple room into romantic one.  Add more lamp sheds for dramatic finishing.
5 fabulous diy floor lamps (7)

It feels like this floor lamp is design for modern home interior. Perfection and creativity give incredible outcomes.  Brick wood stem seem fabulous with jute wrap lamp shed insert. It romantic and playful lamp indulge opulence in contemporary to modern homes.
6 fabulous diy floor lamps (8)

Bold and confident feeling develop by lighting up dining room with opulent tree stem floor lamp. You can easily recycle reclaimed wood into festive floor lamp as show in this picture. Stem with more ends would look flawless with multiple light fixations.

Drift wood floor lamp:

7 fabulous diy floor lamps (4)

Bring a twist in home interior decorations. Think beyond sophisticated and costly floor lamps. Personalize living room and bedroom space with diy floor lamps. Drift wood crafted diy floor lamp is breathtacking alternative of tradition floor lamps. In this way you fill room space with coastal and natural charm.

Vintage book floor lamp:

8 fabulous diy floor lamps (11)

Inexpensive and artistic vintage book floor lamp is great solution to get rid from useless book.  Book in shelf has no functional life. Bring them out and form cool floor lamps that brighten up room in unique style.  Heavy and chunky book pile put atop on vintage lamp stand. Length of lamp is base on the number of book you have.  Must-try this creative project for whimsical grace.

Sial rope floor lamp:

9 fabulous diy floor lamps (18)

Sisal rope diy floor lamp is funky diy project.  Give any shape to chunky rope for desire finishing. It look flawless in each style. natura-inspire lamp belnd in any interior.

Tripod handmade floor lamp:

10 fabulous diy floor lamps (15)

Ingenious and smart tripod floor lamp totally blends with modern home interior. No one recognize either it made at home or brought from marker. Sleek finishing draw attentions. Just tie up three plywood or hardwood sticks in tripod style and fix round lamp shade to form diy floor lamp without spending single penny.
11 fabulous diy floor lamps (3)

Sophisticatedly design diy tripod floor lamp let you feel amazed. You feel proud when someone praised it. It will create focal charm in home space. Put them at visible corner of the home for statement results.

Taller glass vase floor lamp:

12 fabulous diy floor lamps (1)

Simple and stylish diy floor lamp just made in 5 to ten minutes. Transparent glass vase that taller in length beautifully upcycle in floor lamps. Cord implies in bottom light fix a top. It elegant floor lamps bring wow-worthy glance.

Plastic bottles diy floor lamp:

13 fabulous diy floor lamps (12)

Romantic and incredible floor lamps charmed with clear plastic bottles. Brilliant make over transform traditional lamp into dramatic one.

Diy pebble floor lamp:

14 fabulous diy floor lamps (13)

Small stone or pebble beautifully set to make jaw-dropping floor lamp. It’s elegant and smart idea to renovate home with creative things.

Copper pipe creative floor lamp:

15 fabulous diy floor lamps (17)

Finally we reach to industrial inspired diy floor lamps. Its unique lamps design with copper pipes.  Metallic copper finishing graces home interior in distinctive way.  It’s so simple to create. Lit-up home office, nap and living room space with cozy diy floor lamps.

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